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should someone with sickle cell trait have high blood pressure?

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    Yes possible sometimes.

    Sickle cell trait results in sickle cell anaemia.

    In sickle cell anaemia the life of the RBC's is radically reduced from the normal of 120 days due to increase in fragility, since they tend to become literally sickle-shaped.

    High blood pressure occuring due the excess cholestrol,Salt Sensitivity, Role of Renin,Insulin Resistance, Sleep Apnea ,etc

    These causes have little relation with the life span of Rbc.

    Thus someone with sickle cell trait can have high blood pressure

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    Sickle trait only rarely results in a sickle cell crisis. Certain drugs, foods and low oxygen tension (high altitudes) can result in sickling in the person with the sickle trait. When the RBCs sickle, they cannot carry oxygen and they occlude smaller capillary beds (those in the eye). If a larger occlusion is present in a large vessel, preventing oxygen flow to the brain, the signal will be sent to the heart to pump faster. That faster pumping against an occluded artery will increase the blood pressure. Again,normally, this scenario does not occur in a sickle cell carrier (trait).

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    The two conditions are not mutually exclusive.

    IN the US, African-Americans are at increased risk of sickle cell, and are also at risk for hypertension. This does not imply a causal connection. In fact, hypertension among that population is much higher in prevelance than sickle cell trait. Also, sickle cell trait is a simple genetic condition; the trait is carried on the HBB gene and is passed in an autosomal recessive pattern. Hypertension, on the other hand is multifactorial, involving diet, exercise, environmental factors, concomitant health problems, as well as a possible complex genetic contribution in biological substrate.

    So, while they may occur together, they "should" not necessarily run together.

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    Having sickle cellular trait ability you've the gene to bypass sickle cellular disease to you toddler. once you've the trait your toddler can basically get the disease once you've somewhat one with someone who has the trait too. Sickle cellular is a disease that motives your pink blood cells to be shaped like 0.5 moons. Blood cells that are sickle shaped clump at the same time extra extremely causing blood clots, soreness, and different complications. basically because you've the trait for sickle cellular it does not recommend also have the disease.

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    Only because blacks tend to have high BP.

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