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Why did Neoconservatives infiltrate think tanks during the Clinton years?

They remained in these organizations and created neoconservative policies that would project over the next decades.

Once they re-entered government, Congress declined to conduct oversight of the think tank initiatives that were adopted by George Bush's administration and Congress never analyzed this data.

Now instead of America's traditional "policy of containment" against Middle East nations as happened under the Clinton Administration and others, there is now think tank "regime change" policy under the Bush Administration which requires invasion and bombardment on a constant basis. When you get your butt kicked in one game, you look for the next game. The British were brought in to the invasion initiatives and now they think these policies are destroying the British army.

Were the "think tank" policies good for America?

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    It does no good to attempt a war against an enemy you cannot define!

  • 1 decade ago

    First of all, your entire premise is wrong. Negotiation, tauted by liberals, has never worked. Containment does not work. Only thing that does is defeating the enemy.

    Containment was tried on Hitler. It worked not at all.

  • 1 decade ago

    invasion and bombardment is what they need.........they actually asked for it..........seriously....... they came over here and asked us to go over and kick their arses

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