Would you say that rock isn't for everyone? Explain why if you can.?

Like the people who sing rock or say it's rock, like that.


In my opinion it's not for everyone. Rock isn't what it used to be and Lita ford, She' a rocker and she has the voice for rock, also brody dalle like the wemon who have rasp or strong voices, I only listen to rock.

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    Rock music stands for free expression.

    I have heard rock songs promoting the use of drugs as much as I have heard rock songs warning of the dangers.

    I have heard rock songs encouraging the mistreatment of women as much as I have heard rock songs encouraging ethics and morals.

    Importantly, certain rock songs will appeal to certain people whilst other rock songs will appeal to other people. In this sence, yes rock music is for everyone who likes to make up their own mind.

    If you like being told what to think, perhaps you should listen to R&B.

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    Some people would maybe say its a moral thing. Like all rock stands for is sex, drugs and rock and roll. Those people are just idiots because thats a poor generalization because not all rock songs are about that.

    I think for some its more of a sensory thing...meaning they really cant tolerate the sound. Rock often has your fair share of electric guitars and drums and for some people I think its just too much.

    Personally the thing that drives me into sensory overload is opera. I dont know what it is, maybe the high pitched voices but I literally cant listen too it. People tell me its beautiful yet I just can not listen to it. It actually seems like a painful experience. Also I like rock music as well but I know once I went to a Ratt concert but I could not deal with it. It was too much for me. The bass of the drums literally rattled my inner ears making me dizzy and sick.

    Classical music also drives me insane for the opposite reason...there isnt enough to stimulate my senses. But for me music is an experience. I could literally get high on the right song.

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    I do not think rock is for everyone. For instance, I remember Lil' Jon wanted to incorporate some rock into his music and he did. He has an album called, "Crunk Rock", and the songs were so lame. Rock to me is Green Day, No Doubt, Korn, artists like that, and they make GREAT music. But if you try to incorporate two different and unique sounds together, you sound like you have a problem.

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    No, i luv rock music. Panic! At The Disco are awesome. I guess its just some peoples interests, and others don't really care for it. Like I don't really like Rap, or Hip-Hop. The only people who thinks that "todays" rock music sux is the 40 year old men and women who still listen to kiss or Billy Joel. THEY suck. Sorry, but in MYYYY opinion, they do.

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    i like it, not for just anyone, some like hot some don't. i play drums have for 35 years, and rock and roll is the mainstay. just ask mick jagger.

  • most rock music listeners are distraught teens

    rock's only for certain people

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