How was 2006 for you and will 2007 be better? why?

2006 was a very trying year for my family and I, I can't imagine that 2007 could be worse. Life has a way of building ones strength and this year I have really been put to the test. I am truely grateful for the blessings I did recieve. I hope you all had a good year and next year will be even better!

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    What a great attitude you have!

    my 2006 was trying as well - and extremely emotional. But God is good, and we continue to see His miracles every day. I wish I could share all the details here because I believe the witness would bolster peoples spirits here now.

    2007 is going to be great! I continue to look forward to growing closer to and getting to know my children as they develop into mature young adults - and am looking forward to continuing to deepen my relationship and commitment with my husband.

    God is good ! ALL the time !

    Blessings and Merry Merry Christmas!

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    Yes, 2006 brought a lot of hard and uncomfortable times, our family has also been through although this year. We will all hopefully have a better year in 2007. I just need to remember that I am not the only one out there with problems and count my blessings everyday. Have a wonderful New Year!

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    It's been up and down. My uncle got diagnosed with advanced cirrhosis and we thought he was going to die a few times. He's still very sick. After the worry with him, my Mom then got diagnosed with the very same thing, and had to spend time in the hospital getting blood transfusions and being very very ill. I was very worried.

    But now she is doing so much better, and her doctors are impressed with how good she's doing. So I'm thankful.

    I lost a lot of weight this year. I always gain, and every New Year's I say I'll lose. But then I weigh more next year! Well, this is the first time I've actually lost! So I feel very good about that.

    I got A's in all my classes.

    So overall, everything has turned out well.

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    Well i wish you the best for 2007. 2006 was very trying for me as well and my only hope is that 2007 will see a much stronger and better Black Heaven!

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    2006 was good--busy and productive, and no huge family catastrophes. I expect 2007 to be better, because I am older and, I hope, wiser. Best wishes to all for a wonderful New Year.

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    2006 was good for me, but I can't predict the future, so I don't know if 2007 will be better. Maybe, maybe not!

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    well 06 really wasnt my best year but at the same time it wasnt my worst like 05 where i went through 2 many things to even write.but im really hoping that 07 will be my year of independece

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    Thank you for asking and like yourself I have been truly blessed in the Lord's keeping and even though the trials and tribulation continues life is wonderful in Christ Jesus and I pray for his soon return!!!!!!

    In Jesus' pure and perfect love!


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    2007 will be better because we will have a new precedent.

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