Line Conditioners?

I own a monster hrs 3600 power reference line conditoner and other than not seeing the lines on the tv when the vaccum cleaner is on i see no difference in the picture or sound. I own a 55in. crt HDTV. Is this pretty standard or am i supposed to see a major difference?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Remember..Your "Line Conditioner" is also sensitive to the Wiring in Your House. Sometimes in Older Homes, Wiring is Jumbled or Concentrated on one Circuit causing fluxs in Your current to the recepticle/ Outlet which will also cause fluxs in Your Line Conditioner.

    I ran a dedicated line directly from My Fuse Box for My Audio/ Video area. The cleaner the Power and less the interferences the better the Picture and Clearer the Sound

  • 1 decade ago

    The older the house is, the bigger difference you'll see adding a Line Condtioner...Your conditioner cleans the electricity as well as keeping it at a constant level...Most newer constructions have higher standards of wiring that don't need much cleaning up.

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