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iam 15 years old.height 5.4,how can i grow height?what kind of food should i take what exercises shud i do?

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    In a healthy person, height is determined more by your genes and the level of growth hormone in your system than by food and exercise. Heredity is the main determining factor, so if your parents are tall, you probably will be also. For example, my mom is only 4'11", but my dad is 5'10" -- and I'm 5'4"! My two brothers ended up more like my dad -- 5'8" & 5'9".

    Just eat balanced meals, exercise, sleep well so your body develops normally with no obvious deficiencies and you should reach your full potential. You are still young and have several "growth" years still ahead of you, so don't be impatient!

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    i'm 15 and yeah, i exactly how you feel- and it's not a nice feeling , but unfortunately not a lot can be done about it because it's mainly genetic. but what are you in a rush for? i'm not gonna start getting worried till i'v almost stopped growing (@ about 21 years old) because you never know what might happen. so embrace your height and don't frett because you'v got plenty of time to grow, maybe even taller than your friends! (s'wat i hope anyway :D) but apparently... i'v heard that a certain growth steroid can be taken which makes you grow taller BUT they have hormaones in them which are from males and so the side effects of them may be like, facial hair and man-stuff, y'know. so i'd avoid it or alternatively, you can eat some good meat (red) because that has a protein in it that enhances growth. one of my friends is a swimmer and eats LOTS of meat because of her swimming diet and stuff, and is really quite tall for a 14 year old (5"7)- it's ridiculous. and i'f you'v noticed all or most of champion swimmers are tall. but just bear in mind that you have at least 8 years before you stop growing. just be patient

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    i am 55 years old and 5.4. height is determined by DNA and other genetic markers. small things that can allow your markers to lean toward inches smoking,caffine,lots of fiber and protein. no street drugs. even some over the counter and perscriptions can stunt growth to some extent. no exercises is proven to promote height. yoga will stretch the muscles and allow for maximum bone growth. don't do dairy for your bone calcium. dairly leaches more calcium out of the body with the protein that it contains than you can get from the dairy. that is why the USA and the scandanavians have the most cases of osteo..find a good nondairy calcium yourself the way you are...might as well..good luck

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    Genetics plays a major part in height. It's important to allow yourself plenty of sleep as at this age, you will grow the most and you grow the most when you sleep. Take a multi-vitamin, drink milk, and eat foods rich in protein.

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    Genes determine it but your only 15 so I wouldn't worry. You have more growing years yet. My fiance was about the same height when he was your age and now he's 6'2".

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    Unfortunately height is very much determined by genetics. However one of the best foods you can eat for your overall health and fitness is taro.

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    hight you can't really choose how it works but you really don't stop growing intill you are 21 so, you just have to be patiant. But I do know that if you eat a lot of chicken breast your breast will get bigger, because they give chickens something to make there breast grow bigger faster. sorry but blame your hight on your parents.

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    The whole key to getting the right height is selecting the right parents.

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