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how can I build my rc helicopter?

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    One piece at a time.

    Large projects are often intimidating, but you approach them like "you were eating an elephant," one bite at a time. Thats something my grandfather taught me.

  • lotta
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    3 years ago

    first element to do is detect your community pastime save. Have those human beings instruction manual you and inform you the place your community membership is. those 2 steps will keep you a fistful of $100s. those issues are complicated to fly. they're risky and require digital stability kit (gyros) to get them to hover and respond reliably. you could determine on crunching a minimal of 3 of the flaws in the previous discovering to make one do what you like, assuming which you're gifted and characteristic remarkable had eye coordination. . i could say the $5,000 to $10,000 estimate is conservative, in the previous you're waiting to attempt the cam controlled equipment. i'm uncertain of the legality of FPV in a residential surroundings. The FAA is gazing us rather close wonderful now. do no longer do some thing unlawful or risky which will screw it up for all and sundry. Please?

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