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Was Abraham Lincoln a fool?

for releasing the dogs?


The filthy dogs that we see everyday on cops?

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    Nope, because if he didn't, you wouldn't be able to sit in your trailer with a budweiser in one hand and a shotgun in the other with a wife who has two black eyes and fourteen kids who haven't showered in days because "daddy ain't got no job" cuz the sex toy factory you work at laid you off because you were drunk on the job that one time that you hit your supervisor over the head with a dildo and drove home in your '75 Chevy pick-up and swerved to purposely hit a kitten in the road because your heart is as black as the people you hate. grow up; the north won the civil war, and there's no going back to change it. get a job, get a life, get Alcoholics Anonymous and get off your couch and stop watching Cops.

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  • He didnt give a **** about slaves. The big issue of that day wa slavery. Its what the war was about. Obviously th south was for it so his obvious stance was to be against it. it was just a platform for him not a belief. He was a good orater and a good writer. He came up with some good speaches and quotes.

    If the situation wasnt so divided he wouldnt have stood out.

    Id say he was more of an opportunist.

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    no he wasn't

  • 1 decade ago

    No !!!

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