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What is the best first bird? Please post kinds of birds and why.?

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    As a bird owner of large and small parrots, it really depends on what you want out of a bird.

    Firstly anything above a medium sized bird is not a good first bird.

    Small birds are fun, like a budgie but require just as much if not more attention if you want them to be hand tame. (As in you want to be able to pet, play, handle them) Usually they would require even more work than some other small-medium bird because if purchased at one of the larger chain petstores, they will not be hand tame.

    Cockatiels (Btw...budgies and cockatiels are both parrots) Are probably next in line as far as a first bird. These birds have great personality and they love to sing. Some do talk but usually it is just a few words as they do not usually pick up a very large vocabulary. They can however whistle your favorite tunes if you teach them, and are capable of learning/knowing several songs.

    Quaker would be next in line. These birds are probably the best as far as speaking and personality. They can have quite large vocabularies and are extremely intelligent little birds.

    Remember that a bird is not the same as a dog or cat, and require very different care. Toys and high quality diets (including pelleted food, seed, fresh fruits and veggies) can get expensive. Also take into consideration a Vet. You will need to find an Avian Certified Vet in your area so that you know who to take your birdie too when he needs care. Birds also require bi-weekly toe nail clippings and depending on if you want your birdie to be able to fly or not he'll need wing clippings.

    After you do some research and decide which bird is right for you, find a good Bird only pet store or pick up a Bird Talk Magazine and at the back it should give you dates and places in your area where bird shows will be. Take your time, it takes a while to find just the right bird and you want your bird to pick YOU, not him. Find a bird that when you first pick him up seems comfortable with you, isnt scared and doesnt show aggression towards you. This will help if you find a bird that picks you in that you wont have to win him over. Some birds are never won over completely when they havent picked their person so its important to be patient when searching for your birdie.

    Good Luck and I hope this helps! an owner of a Cockatoo it is NOT a good first bird. Cockatoo's are extremely loud and require constant attention and are very demanding. That was not good advice.

    Conures are not good first birds either because they are very loud and this could be very annoying to a new bird owner. They are pretty with all the beautiful colors, but I wouldnt suggest this as a first bird.

    Oh..and btw...ALL birds that you want to be hand tame require a lot of time on your part with the bird. No bird is going to stay hand tame if you do not spend time with it.

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    Hi the best first bird for anyone would be between the budgie and the cockatiel, both are easier than the bigger birds and are common to first time owners, they aint as high maintanace as say a conure or any other "parrots" you will also find them easier to start off with, rushing head first into getting a conure or grey is a bad thing cause they need alot of play time and one on one time where as a cockatiel and a budgie dont

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    Most people THINK parakeets or finch are a good first bird, or maybe any other bird you can't handle. The mess alone will make you stress out and either ignore the birds until it/they die from lack of feeding and being cleaned up after, or turned lose to get rid of the trouble making mess maker at that point of your stress, throwing out the cage too. But in my 20 yrs of experience I find a nice HAND TAMED Cockatiel is the BEST FIRST BIRD. Cockatiels are loyal, gentle, and hardly ever bite anyone in their lives if they are hand tamed. Once your cockatiel lives with your attention for a day or 2 your bird will want to be out of its cage and with you at almost all times. Cockatiels are the most loyal birds in the world and then in line if you like larger birds, a cockatoo will do. Being related those 2 type of breeds of birds are excellent in FIRST BIRD situations. I recomend YOU Education Yourself in what ever breed of bird you choose and read up on and learn what other people say about the personalities of those breeds of birds and LEARN HOW TO FEED THEM. Not only for the birds sake, but for your own physical safetly, a bird bite is as bad as a dog bite and can get infected and hurt every bit as bad and choosing the wrong bird for a first time bird could turn out fatal for the bird and very painful for the new owner as well. Especially if you have a BIG BIRD! GOOD LUCK!

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    A hand-raised parakeet/budgie. I have 3 of them. Two male and one female. There is a difference between the male/female personalities. The only problem is that when I got my last 2 I was fooled by their little ceres (the colored part above the beak). Females have a pinkish/tan color and males bluish. I got them when they were 2 months old. A few months after I got them the ceres changed colors and what I had originally thought were 2 males was really a male and a female. The female isn't as active and "chirrpy", but she pays more attention to me when I talk to her. In any case I love them all and I am glad I have them. They are easy to take care of they love their fresh veggies and fruit. I would suggest you visit a pet store that specializes in just birds and spend some time there asking questions about different types of birds and their needs.

    Good Luck

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    A good starting bird is a budgie. It is small and not very aggressive, they do not live long so there won't be a long commitment. BUT budgies get many diseases and if your family is not willing to pay for the doctor it is not recommended. Another good type of bird is any kind of finch, they are small and they don't need much room. But if you take a finch it's best if you get two a male and a female. Finches NEED companionship. If you get finches you don't need to let them out of the cage at all (best if you don't). Lovebirds are easy to take care of and aren't to aggressive or disease prone. Cocktiels are great but only if you don't mind long companionship.

    If you have any questions on birds feel free to e-mail me at

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    My first bird was a Cockatile and to this day that bird is loyal to me and ONLY me... lol.. he bites everyone else, and I've had him for 15 years now. It was a great bird for me, but that depends on what your looking for personally.

    Cockatile-Can be very agressive and mean, takes some time to get comfortable with you and they bite HARD.. like picture med. amount of blood. Good because they don't make much noise. They can be taught to talk (repeat phrases and such, mine says "i love you" "come here prettybird (our parrots name)" and "come here Brandy"

    Parakeet-Don't bite as hard, make more noise and aren't as faithful, also live much shorter lives.

    Finch-Cute little birds but they will chirp and chirp to no end, they also have short life span.

    Parrot-Would not recommend this for a first bird AT ALL! They are mean at first but can become very good, but not suitable for a beginner. Expect tons of blood if they bit you. High upkeep compared to other types of bird pets

    I would comment on more but these are the only ones I've had extended contact with. Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Long time Bird-owner
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    Best first bird is something small like a budgie and a cockatiel and then working yourself up to something bigger like a parrot but there are many parrots, but your local pet shop will be able to help more.

    Source(s): Working Saturday's in a pet shop
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    Def. a cockitiel. There are easy to take care of and come to love 1 person more. Also they are not very loud. they are very fun too and like to spend time with people

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    dove and parrot, beacuse the look great and dove is sign of peace

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    the dove of corse because its a sign of peace

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