which NFL team HAVEN'T won any Super Bowl or didn't make the playoffs?

just answer this question if u can..tnx!

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    Houston Texans (no SB and playoffs)

    Jacksonville Jaguars (no SB and playoffs)

    New Orleans Saints (this year is an exception) (no SB and playoffs)

    Cleveland Browns (no SB and playoffs)

    Arizona Cardinals (no SB and playoffs)

    Detroit Lions (no SB and playoffs)

    SB appearances, but no SB wins:

    Buffalo Bills









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    Not_here is almost correct:

    If he means this year then Jacksonville (maybe), Cleveland, Arizona and Detroit will not make the playoffs.

    But they made playoffs in previous years but never reached the Super Bowl.

    Houston Texans have never made playoffs or reached Super Bowl. Just been in NFL for few years.

    Buffalo Bills, Vikings, Bengals, Eagles, Falcons, Panthers, Chargers, Seahawks and Titans went to Super Bowl but lost.

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    Houston is the only NFL team that has not made the playoffs.

    Add to them Jacksonville, Cleveland, Detroit, Arizona, and New Orleans as teams that have never made a Super Bowl.

    On top of those, add Buffalo, Cincinnati, Tennessee, San Diego, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Atlanta, Carolina, and Seattle as teams that have never won the Super Bowl.

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    New Orleans Saints, Clevland Browns, Arizonia Cardnials, Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars,

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    The chargers, bills, cardinals, saints, falcons, panthers, jaguars and bengals(not 100% sure about them) haven't won any superbowl. Of course the texans and the new browns haven't been in the playoffs yet.

  • Uh the Titans have never pulled of the big one but then again neither has New Orleans.

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    Not_Here is correct, and the Colts went to the SB when they had Johnny Unitas.

  • 1 decade ago

    colt never went to the superbowl they allways lose in the playoffs

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