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what kind of doctor do I see for degenerate disc disease?

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    Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is one of the most common causes of low back pain. It's also one of the most misunderstood as most people think that the symptoms will get worse with age. The term "degeneration" actually applies to the status of the disc and not the actual symptoms or prgression of the condition. Also, DDD is not really a disease but rather a condition that at times can produce pain from a damaged disc. Disc degeneration itself is a natural part of aging.Everyone will exhibit changes in their discs at some point in time but DDD is quite variable in its nature and severity so not everyone will exhibit symptoms. Let's face it, the human body just wasn't made to last as long as we're asking it to these days.

    I would recommend that you seek the care of a qualified orthopedic physician or spinal specialist. If you have symptoms requiring treatment, there are a variety of conservative options available these days and these physcians will know who to refer you out to if necessary. Few patients who suffer from DDD will actually become surgical candidates... at least not from the DDD itself.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): 15+ years in medicine; 9 in orthopedics/pain management.
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    I had 3 laminectomies,(ruptured disc repair surgery) 2 in 1980 and 1 in 1982. Had 3 different ruptured disc, each repaired with the surgery meaning they opened me up, scraped away the disc material that had come out and closed me back up. I currently have a bulging disc that bothers now and then if I over do. The pain before surgery was horrid and the surgeries were great but I don't know if they dot hat any more, after all, that was a long time ago. Never had the spine fusion thing, the thought of that scares me. I don't want anything fused! I do have permanent nerve damage from the ruptured disc. I cannot lay flat without extreme pain and cannot sleep except in a hospital bed so I can adjust the position to suit me. No one wants to fix the bulging disc as I have lots of scar tissue from the other surgeries so I cope. Good luck.

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    for Degenerative Disk Disease or DDD, you may see a neurologist, to see if there is any nerve damage, an orthopedic doctor to take care of the bone part and/or a neurosurgeon if the DDD is severe. He/she might feel that your DDD needs surgery.

    If no surgery is needed a rheumatologist (arthritis doctor) may help also

    Source(s): EMT - fellow sufferer of DDD
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    Bone Doctor (Osteo) call first because it may need an MRI.. like an exray, or a muscle Doctor to help strengthen the muscles around the disc to help pull the other discs into place.

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    Many times this condition leads to surgery such as fusions or a laminectomy, Orthopedic specialists treat back problems all the time,however, if it were my back, I would go to a neurologist simply because anything to do with the spine is very serious stuff and the best is always better. More expensive, but better.

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    an orthopedic who specializes in the spine. i have a spinal fusion c-4 & c5, fused with my own bone and a metal plate in my neck. no pain after the surgery. GET THE RIGHT DOCTOR! saw hideous scars on other people, i don't even have a scar. doctor will want you to get an mri and maybe a mileogram before surgery, he should know exactly what he is going in for before he cuts.

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    spinal cord surgeon

    or orthopedician

    depending on what u can afford

    and what type of medial service u have in ur area

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    Neurosurgeon or orthopedist. Sometimes they work together on this type surgery.

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