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My puppy has kennel cough,why didn't the first vet tell me that?

she has been sick since I brought her the day after turkey day, I took her to the vet twice and he was more concerned about worming her (I know an idiot) and told me to give her nose drops. Well I didn't see her getting better and her cough was awful so I took her to another vet and they did a culture to find out she' has kennel cough, so she's had this for a month now. HOw long will it last, I keep reading antibiotics don't do anything for it but he still prescribed them anyway, am I just throwing money away on meds that won't make her better anyway?

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    I am afraid so. Vet's are pretty good guessers, but the dog can't help them any. My brother-in-law milks cows, he had a cow stuck under a fence, so worn out from fighting to get up that when he freed her she couldn't stand. He called a vet. The vet came checked her over and gave her antibiotics (charged $300). My brother-in-law, asked if the cow would be alright now. The vet replied she will be dead by tomorrow. He still got his $300, and the cow died.

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    Schnoodles are NOT registered by the AKC. If it's the American Kennel Club you are talking about, there is no such breed as the "Schnoodle." Even Schnauzers are divided into separate categories. As for your dog possibly having kennel cough, the next day is not too late. Your "certified by the AKC" Schnoodle will be fine. However, if it is kennel cough, you need to contact whomever you got him from and warn them that they are selling animals that have kennel cough. Check and see if the person you got it from has a "health guarantee" with its sale. Any "reputable" breeder will include a health guarantee that states within x amount of hours of purchasing the dog, if you take it to the veterinarian, and it is diagnosed with something, they will either pay the vet bill or refund some money to you.

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    Kennel cough can spread from dog to dog, and it's a virus so it has to take it course. Different vets do/choose/believe in different treatments. Out of all the antibiotics, Clavamox seems to help the most with this. Also there is a vaccine called Bordatella, I would recomend having that done (the injectable NOT the inner nasel kind, in studies shown the injectable works much better)

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    it just goes away on its own, my puppy had it too, it sounds bad but be assured they arnt in any pain or anything and they are not as disturbed as we are by having a cough. call your vet and discuss this and ask if a month is too long now. if you dont get good answers and after the holidays your dog is still coughing take the dog back to the vet or another vet. if the dog loses his appetite or stops eating food, take him straight to the vet.

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    Be careful it may not be "just" kennel cough

    they told me the same thing

    and my pup had pnuemonia

    ended up costing me over $6000

    He was so oxygen deprived

    He now has some brain damage



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    The aren't curing her but what they are doing is like covering it up to make her feel better until the virus does go away. You are not wasting money unless you don't want your dog to feel better. The first vet might have also not told you because your dog got it from that clinic and they didn't want that on their plate. Go to another vet, please don't go back to that one.

    Source(s): My mom works at a vet hospital.
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    Take her to a different vat. My pup keeps sneezing. May be it is alergy.

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