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LaDainian Tomlinson: best in the NFL?

I'm not just talking about his gameplay; we all know that he is an unbelievable player. I'm talking about his attitude. He has to be the most humble player in anything that I have ever seen. Any time he's been interviewed after a game he talks about how "the team" made the touchdown that HE ran in, and how "they" did it, not HIM. You can't not respect the guy.


One situation comes to mind with LT's courtesy on the field. A couple weeks ago he ran the ball and rammed through a blocker with his shoulder to gain an extra couple yards before going down. Before celebrating the run the FIRST thing he did was get up and make sure the guy he just ran through was okay and helped him up.

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    That's true, and it's a rare find in today's professional athletics. I think that he's one of a hand full of guys who are like that - Peyton Manning comes to mind, as does Marvin Harrison - you never hear those guys saying anything short of team, and you never hear them whining or trash talking. Same with LT - great guys all.

    I think the Barber brothers are also class acts - Tiki and Rhonde - even though Tiki went off the deep end a bit a few weeks about about the coach. I think that might have been deserved - and he's on a sinking ship, too.

    I think that one of the other guys in the NFL who is downright humble is Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys. He simply cannot accept the accolades he's receiving now. He's a team guy, a regular guy, etc. You can just hear the "awe shucks" in his interviews.

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    the stupidest man or woman interior the NFL is clearly Brad Childress, coach of the Vikings. on the draft day, he gave up Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy. definite, the Vikings do have Brett Favre for yet another 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, yet after that? Childress is clearly too enthusiastic about Tarvaris Jackson, he continually has been, so he needs him to initiate because "he has ability" NO HE DOESNT! T-Jack is a difficult worker and an excellent guy, yet he cant throw the football if his existence relied on it, so LaDainian Tomlinson isn't the stupidest man or woman interior the NFL.

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    Yeah, the guy is pretty amazing as a player and seems to be a real class act as a person. But I've always had a great deal of admiration for the great players who are also very humble. He reminds me of a couple of great running backs we have had here in Kansas City over the years, Marcus Allen and Priest Holmes. Both were very humble when it came to the post game accolades.

    Our current running back, Larry Johnson, is the complete opposite. He is all about what's best for Larry. He could certainly take some cues from the likes of Allen, Holmes, and Tomlinson!

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    LaDainian Tomlinson not only plays the best, but he acts the best. How often do you hear about LT for anything other than his gameplay? Never! He is a terriffic role-model, and he puts the team before himself, like when he set the TD record, he waited for his teammates to come celebrate with him. He is a class act.

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    I think his attitude is great and that's what makes his game so easy.

    If you have a bad attitude (T.O.) your game play lacks and you blame your team.

    I know they make alot of money to do what they do, but come on it is a game. Sometimes the other team is just a little better, and individually you have to deal with that. I like seeing good sportsmanship in any sport, Boxing, Olympics, anything. Take the bad home with you and give props to other teams and other players if they beat you.

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    LT is the best in the NFL @ everything a sure fist ballot hall of famer.Possibly the next Barry Sanders.

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    In the NFL right now YES. As to saying the team did it hey they do deserve some credit. The man does need blocks.

  • He may not be just the best now, I have a feeling he might go down as being one of the best of all time (this coming from a Chicago Bears fan). Enjoy it now, we are watching greatness at its greatest.

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    yes hes unbelivable in the field and cool outside the field

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    Bar none. great player great person. What can you say he's a Texas Boy.

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