My teachers are so rude and mean, r ur teachers rude too??

i want to know that whether only my teachers r mean or the whole worlds teachers are the same?

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    Your observation is best answered by Shakespeare who wrote, "nothing is either good or bad, but thinking dost make it so."

    Everything in life is relative e.g., how one sees it. Some people like red, some like blue.

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    Think of it from THEIR perspective. There are some teachers that enjoy what they do and for the most part they are nice. Then there are those teachers that just treat their profession as a "job".

    For those that treat teaching as a job, they want the least aggravation as possible (even teachers that like their job want this too). Consider how aggravated they feel at the end of the day when various students act up while they are trying to teach...often yelling "keep quiet", or punishing students, sending kids to the principal's office, or just basically acting up. You can't blame them for being rude when kids act all stupid and crazy in front of them. Some teachers can handle it and use tact while others just can't hack it. Also add to the fact that a teacher's job doesn't end in the classroom since they have to give you homework, check your homework, prepare "IEP" reports which notes their teaching agenda and how they will go about it, then submit it to the principal (who is their boss).

    So next time your teacher acts rude, consider that ALL day, (assuming you are in high school) they have to deal with about 100 students with differing personalities and some of them are just obnoxious. In that sense, if you are one of those type of students....give your teacher a break

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    Firstly, not ALL teachers are rude nor mean

    Example: I have 4 teachers a semster. I have three REALLY great teachers. Who actuallyLIKE there jobs, and love TEACHING.

    ..Then.. I have this other one that is a complete idiot!

    She gets mad at everything. She's the biggest hypocrite I know. I go and eat a piece of gum and she's like "You can't eat in class'. I'm like "Alright, but question... Why do you have an open banana on your desk?'. Seriously, some teachers shouldn't ever become teachers.

    If you don't like kids.. WHY BECOME A TEACHER!!

    Anyways, haha.

    Some teachers are just true **** heads.

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    It would be wise not to make sweeping comments. Just like in any profession, there are bad and good eggs. Teaching is a noble profession, in fact if I may say so, the noblest profession, because all professions would need a teacher/instructor. There are times that teachers are misunderstood. A teacher has to maintain class discipline and in the process has to be strict with regards to rules and regulations to be able to do this - especially with teenage students . That would explain why in college, students are given more liberty to decide on their own because teachers know that they are old enough to do so. With regards to grades; students "earn" their grades through scores in their exams. Teachers just don't "give" grades according to their whims, that would be against the good principles of teaching; this is an ethical and moral responsibility that teachers should uphold. Of course, there will always be a few exceptions , just like in any profession.

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    Teachers are like studetns and like everyone else in this world... you can find mean teachers.. good teachers.. cool teachers... teachers that you actually feel closer to than anyone else

    also students can be mean and rude but you see not all students are like that

    try talking to your teacher if this doesn't help, then simply do the job and forget the teacher

    a funny thing is one day you'll go back and thank him/her

    to be honest this is what i do most of the time, i feel that dealing with such teachers prepared me for the real world. having the sweet kind of teachers also prepared me for the other side of the world. you simply have to learn how to deal with them and that's it.

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    teachers you have up to high school are mostly snobby mean, they don't like themselves or their job, some men have molested my gf's and only one was reported, he lost his job but back in those days, they kept it quiet and nobody knew why he left, he prob went and got another job. I had a severe hatrid of a few teachers, very few are nice as they want some friends and they have "teacher's pets", these people get better grades for the same or less work. In high school, my first English class I couldn't for the life of me understand why I got an A. My grades had always been c's, d's and f's. So I experimented, I found I had been sitting at a table of cheerleaders. I moved to a different chair at a place with no people, and my grade went to a C. They don't want to waste their time grading papers, they just try to remember who you are and grade you if your a social, All primary school is about is a popularity contest and teachers perpetuate this.

    Please don't let this horrifying experience ruin your interest in further education. I spent years living off minimun wage because of my feelings towards mean teachers. This all changes in college, the majority of the instructors have a life, and they don't pick on you. So very much nicer as they mind their own business.

    13 years is an awful long time for a young person, but when this time is over you will ever have to see those idiots again as long as you live. After graduation, at the beginning of the following school year a diff gf went back, had a dish soap bottle full of water and sprayed the principal's back with water. He pissed a lot of people off, and she took it really hard he wouldn't let her walk through commencement with a hand full of kids because it is our school tradition to do donuts in the parking lot and burn-outs on the road. He picked out only 4 people to punish when more did it. She did it in my car after I was done, and he didn't punish me. Predjudice is really a moron because it was an all white school. Thank God they don't make you put out for your grades, this has come out of the closet and they know they can't get away with it like they used to.

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    When i was in college my teachers were also like that. But when i went for industrial training to different institutions, trainers their (most of them where senior engineers) were very liberal. So what i concluded like this. Our teachers had the power to punish us. So when they got the power, they became arrogant and rude. Similar situations, we can see in life also. How a persons behavior changes when he changes from poor to rich, when a politician changes from a local leader to minister etc. It is the power that makes them like that. Finally, it should be said that still their are teachers who behaves well even after having power

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    Teachers are neither rude nor mean. They are people with lots of patience and integrity. They are the symbols of faith and trust. So you actually don't have teachers but people clothed like one just to earn a living.

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    Define rude and mean..... Many of my students think i'm mean because i make them work. That's my job, to teach them chemistry. I'm not a movie star, or hip hop idol. I'm not here to entertain you or let you do whatever you want.

    Are some teachers mean, yeah....just like any profession. but don't lump us all together under the same moniker.

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    There are all kinds of types of teachers because there are all kinds of types of people. It's not like all the mean people become teachers or something like that.

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