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Who was better in terms of tank warfare, Guderian or Rommel?

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    They were almost even, like the lady said above, Guderian was the father of the German tank forces, while Rommel was the ideal commander to implement Guderian's tank strategies. While Guderian was overall commander on the breakout at Sedan (19th Panzer Corps), the leading panzer division (7th Panzer Division) was under Rommel. So my answer is strategic tank warfare....Guderian was better; on the tactical level Rommel was better. I liked Rommels quality of leading from the front.

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    Actually, I don't think it is that clear cut. Guderian as an innovator, he wrote 'Achtung - Panzer!' before the war which was used as the basis for raising the panzers and how to use them in battle. His works are still studied today at, among others, Sandhurst and West Point.

    His panzer group was the one which broke through at Sedan and split the French and British armies apart, leading 'the race to the sea'. He was also remarkable successful in Operation Barbarossa until relieved of command for allegedly disobeying Hitler. He always denied this.

    Rommel success was built on Guderian's work. As to which was the better general, that is very hard to tell. Guderian was certainly more innovative, the whole idea of Blitzkrieg developed from his writings.

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    It was certainly Rommel, his tactics remain the best reference for tank platoon commanders to this day. Not that we're fighting tanks against tanks these days mind you, but the manoeuvers he did and tactics he used with tanks were impressive.

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    Rommel, hands down.

    His ability to integrate infantry and armor in tactics is still relevant for today's conventional warfare.

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    Rommel, 100% sure. He invented the modern use of armored vehicles in battle.

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