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Why can't there be creation with evalution ?

Who of us are decendants of Adam and Eve and who could be decendants of the giants that were here during the same time ?

You do not believe in evalution yet how do you explain all the races on earth today, which of these races is a decendant of Adam and Eve. Or, from those two beings have evolved all these different races.

You got to have it one way or the other, which is it? God, yes. Creation, yes. Evalution after creation, yes. Why can't we have evalution and creation ? does one exclude the other ?

Could it be that the creation of God on this planet was genes ?

That is why your gene pool is so close to everything that has a heart beat.

It seems when someone cannot grasp something or has no answer, they try to explain it away with religion. Then we have the battles of the religions.

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    First off....It's either we were created from dust or we weren't...either It was 7 days or it wasn't...if you really knew what evolution was you wouldn't even be asking this question. Evolution doesn't require miracles!!

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    Actually, there are two views that incorporates or affirms both creation and evolution.

    (1) Theistic Evolution: This is a variant of Atheistic Evolution (Darwinianism).This view holds that God initiated the process of evolution by the direct act of creation. Subsequently, He has worked from within the process of evolution, allowing for natural selection and the emergence of new life forms. Now and again, He would ‘step in’ directly to modify a life form, say, by giving it a soul.

    (2) Progressive Creation or Old Earth Creation: This view proposes that God created various creatures at various times over hundreds of millions of years. Death is seen as part of God's will before the entrance of sin. God began the evolutionary process by a direct act of creation and was directly involved crucial stages of the development of life forms to bring into being entirely new forms of life. For example, God created the first ‘kind’ of cat from which all the kinds of cats descended.

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    because the Bible says in Genesis that everything was created and reproduced according to it's own kind. Man was also created differently in that God formed him from the dust of the ground and actually breathed life into him.

    Without getting into much more detail than that, to read the Biblical account of creation, without twisting it around, can't be meshed with evolution. For one, man could not have evolved and been created with God's hand and had the breath of life breathed into him as well. Those two don't fit together.

    Also, all plants and animals were created and reproduced "according to their own kind", so for one kind to evolve into another kind doesn't fit.

    So unless you say that the Bible isn't really accurate in how creation happened, then evolution can't be true as well.

    For me, I'll take what God said over what man thinks any day...

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    Evolution is a scientific fact. The catalyst of the evolutionary process on Earth is a matter of scientific, religious and philosophical debate. I'm not prepared to dismiss the idea that God or a God initiated the process. At the same time I'm not going to dismiss the scientific evidence that supports evolution simply because it differs from the biblical account of creation.

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    My favourite explanation is the moses on sinai one.

    See, moses got most of his information for the pentateuch whilst on sinai in a big ol' cloud and talking to God. The theory goes that much of that was a big history lesson about how we got here and so on. So, that would mean that on the first day up there God explained about how there was the void... hopefully you see where this is going because I can't be bothered to look up the order for the days.

    The thing about this version is that it means that God could've been explaining all sorts of quantum mechanics and evolutionary theory (fact) but Moses would oversimplify it because he's an old man and these things happen.

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    Well there is a story in the bible about the splitting of the races.


    I believe in ID, I also believe that our world is in a constant state of evolution. I just do not believe that we evolved from pretty much nothing into what we are today.

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    There could be. But evolution is inconsistent with the Bible, Koran, Torah, and every other text I've looked at. That makes them flawed an therefore not divine.

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    I believe there can be. God is the Creator, and can create any way God sees fit.

    I DO believe in micro evolution; but not macro evolution where one species mutates into another.

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    Read the Ten Major Flaws of Evolution at,


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    I do believe in both God and Evolution. Evolution by itself requires too many miracles. Only God is capable of miracles.

    God and Science go hand in hand.

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    A person who agrees with me!

    Evolution is G-d's way of creating, and continuing to create. Why does this sound so horrible to so many people?

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