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How can I tell if she likes me?

I like this girl, and think she likes me. She just got over a boy she had a crush on but she doesn't seem open. We talk really well and my friends are telling me she likes me. We're just friends but I want it to be more. I'm afraid if I ask her out she'll reject me. What should I do?

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    You are living in fear of what you think will happen. You will never know until you ask. It all depends on what you really want to do. It depends on how you feel about her but if you feel as you say you do then why not ask her. After all, the worse that can happen is for her to say no, right? Nothing ventured nothing gained. I would advise you to think more positively. Don't assume anything you don't know is a fact. BE positive and believe in yourself and be confident that you have a lot to offer someone. If not her then surely someone who will appreciate you. Look at it this way. Her loss is someone else's gain or if she says yes, then you have gained what you want, right?

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    The fear of rejection is a tough one to get over. If she doesn't seem open she might be feeling it too. Be casual about asking her out, host a group event and pay attention to her, cater to her it's an easy way to break the ice. If it doesn't work out there are people around and you can go seperate ways without being embarassed.

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    Actually, we're in the same situation the difference is I am a gal, but anyway, don't ever be afraid if she rejects you, It's not your loss it's her loss. I think you're nice guy to be rejected to go out with!, Aren't you?

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    She probably does like you, But give her sometime to get over the other one.. you don;t want her to jump to you... let her feelings simmer down and she will come after you. Even if she says shes over it, let her breathe for a while. Just be sweet and hint that you care, but don;t press the issue. People usually want what they can't have.. Play it cool just don;t be a jerk.. good luck

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    1. do you notice her glanceing a you across the room?

    2. when you say your going somewhere does she go too?

    3. does she like to spend time with you....alone?

    4. does her freinds think your nice ans awesome?

    if at least 3/4 of these are right, she does! good luck!

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    When you are hanging out one day, just kiss her and see what happens.

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    Be her friend and give her time.She may not want to get hurt again.

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