cloud? sephiroth? are twin brothers??

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    In Final Fantasy 7 Sephiroth was the first person to be injected with Jenova cells making him a Soldier. Other people were then made into Soldiers e.g. Zack but Cloud was never Soldier. During the Neibelheim reactor incident in which Cloud got stabbed, Zack saved him and left him on a truck to Midgar before he got killed. Cloud then thought that he was sorta Zack and therfore a Soldier, although Cloud thought Zack's memories were his (he was a little crazy...)

    Cloud and Sepiroth aren't related.

    However, in Kingdom Hearts II it says that Sepiroth is the evil or dark part of Cloud's soul. Sort of manifested or something..

    Source(s): Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy: Last Order
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    No, but they are somehow connected to each other. I think they were both created out of science and worked together at one mission that went wrong.

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    i think its more along the lines that one is the evil version of the other or something like that

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