Generic host process for win32 erorr problem...what can i do?

I get this kind of error evry time i use the internet.... it may come after 10mins of internet connection or maybe after hours but it comes & after i click on either "Send erorr report" or "Don't Send" my net connection freezes, i cant disconnect & the net wont respond & the only option is to restart my pc.....plz help me i cant carry on like this

What i know? - I know that this has to do something with SVCHOST

What i did? - i have tried various scans like registry scans & worm scans, the registry coms up with over 700 erorrs but the worm scan results in none.....i even tried some xp patch provided by microsoft site(i didnt think that went well coz i think it didnt effect anything)....

so plz be specific of your answers & mention sites if posible

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    just call the computer expert .

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