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Why do women think that loud, rude men are "sexy bad boys"?

On the other hand, men who are cool and confident are viewed as "boring" and "too nice".

Why is this? Do healthy, well-adjusted men need to start being obnoxious jerks so that women will like them?

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    No --- guys do not ever change from cool & confident to loud and rude.

    Loud & rude wears off so fast it's incredible.. Sure they may get the girl for one night ...... but only those ladies with low self esteem keep going back for more.

    Cool & Confident still two of the sexiest ways a man can behave.....patience you will prevail.

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    haha, I don't know why all the women up here are distancing themselves from this question so heavily. It DOES seem to be that nice guys finish last when it comes to dating.

    For some reason, women have been conditioned to believe that a relationship isn't normal unless there is some kind of great struggle. They want to feel like they worked for it, instead of having something handed to them. I believe women happen to be attracted to bad boys is because we have the innate desire to try to change someone when it can't be done. We want to take trash and be responsible for turning it into treasure so we can say "Hey, remember that crazy pimp, obnoxious guy? Well now I have whipped him into shape and made him something" The flaw to this type of thinking is that we can't really change anyone and we need to stop thinking we can.

    I'm not saying all women are like this, but many are. The ones who haven't been enlightened on how to have a more serious relationship. A more serious relationship being, interacting with a guy who will not disrespect you and actually care about your opinions. Someone you can successfully build things with without crying your eyes out.

    If you're cool and confident, don't ever change! We'll see the light one day! Or find a woman who already does!

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    I think some women like to be with a man that other women would like to be with. often times people like to show off what better way than having a guy who seems the soul of the party and a little bit risky. (A bad boy). Yet many women soon grow out of this strange attraction its called maturity those women who just can not get enough of the so called Bad boy lack any real self worth. In time we all want to be with a peacfull loving person. I also find that you are who you are. well adjusted men can not turn into bad boys they could not pull it off like wise bad boys can not change into decent men what happens is that we all get older. and situations in our lifes change and we have to adjust. in most situations the woman/girl of a bad boy will try and change him when she matures. Providing she has self worth.

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    wait, what? Cool and confident is one of the sexiest things you can be- see james bond. And a jerk is just a jerk. However, some guys really are boring and women say they're "nice" to be polite. A man doesn't need to be some motocycle bad boy to be interesting or liked, but he needs to be interesting (and the same goes for women. no one wants to date someone who is boring and does nothing but discuss boring things at boring dinners)

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    I don't think there's anything unattractive about being nice, as long as a guy has a personality and a life otherwise, and the niceness doesn't seem like ***-kissing. IMO, lots of women appreciate a genuinely nice guy, especially once they get into their late 20s.

    You don't need to be a jerk to be attractive, but it helps if you don't automatically give women your attention, but make them earn it a little.

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    Galz like "badboys" that ain't real "badboys" if you know what i mean. But boys/ men who do a bit naughty n' some of that sort seem to be interestin' n' sometimes even charmin'. Anyway, that's only the first impression. N' if you're real bad, then no galz wanna be with you.

    But if you're really good, stay cool, cuz there's no way you're not havin' any galz in ya life. Impossible i'll say.

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    Well, I don't think that loud, rude men are "sexy bad boys". I think they're crude. And, why change for the worst just to please the opposite gender? Obnoxious men don't give me the security I need.

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    Any woman that thinks loud rude men are sexy bad boys has lost her mind.

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    Not at all.these kind of men are a huge turn off to me.Maybe other women like this but I really can't see why.But then again I really like shy inexperienced guys.It's fun to teach them what they need to know and watch them bloom into these really incredible men and lovers.

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    I think loud rude men are crashing bores, and have avoided them all my life! What the heck are you talking about?

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