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Why do I get so much spam about God?

I don't know how these people get my business email accounts; my personal one I use a lot, so I expect a lot of spam, but my business one is cluttered with emails from Africa by people whose names I cannot pronounce and it's always about GOD and MONEY. What can I do? Sue Africa? Cuz I just may.


Noo, I've tried marking them all as spam, thinking everything would be all hunky-dorey, but no dice, my friends... they just keep coming in. And if they're not from Emporer Abduram Abuddabudda, they're from the ESTATE of Emporer Abduram Abuddabudda... as if I was related to one of these guys (btw, im a pasty white boy)

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    I kno its hard for you. But don't sue,they barely have much over there,jus ignore it!

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    how about you take all those e-mails that you are getting and mark them as spam, they will never show up in your inbox again, I remember i got about 100 spam e-mails a day until i got tired and spent 3 hours online cleaning my inbox, and it was way worth it!

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    Maybe you should take heed.

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