will we get back together in future. he wouldnt lie?

my ex and i broke up a while ago. he says hhe loves me . he says his heart is with me n will always be.he sed if u love some one let them go if they come back there always ures. i have been a cow to him since we broke up because i didnt know how to deal with it. threatening him with various things, which i regret totally.

he now says he needs to 'find out who he is', his 'heart is with me but his head isnt' and 'circumstances mean we cnt be together at mo' becaus he cant forget the bad stuff that happened at the end. some explanations please. is he needing this time to forget the bad stuff , if so do u think he ever will? or can if he LOVES ME

the whole purpose of not finding somone knew is thti love him and know it can be gd

i asked if he waNts me to move on , and he sed no he doesnt but knows he cant tell me to wait.

he says his heart is always with him but his head isnt. dont just say move on i would if it wasnt love or if he told me or wanted me to. i have asked

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If I understand your question, then he likes you but you feel he still won't forget the bad events of the past. If that is the case, he does need time. For every event needs some time for it to sink in. If it is just a tentative feeling of insecurity than it could subside anytime now. Everyone is different, some take longer than others to overcome things. If he isn't just feeling temporary insecurity, than he could of changed his whole outlook on you. He could see you and love you in another way than before. It is hard to solve this puzzle, but the only thing I can say, is to show him that no matter how he feels about you, you will always love him. Good luck and a Merry Christmas.

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