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arent you glad allen ginsburg is rotting in hell?


Well for one he had halitosis

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    1 decade ago
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    ginsberg ws a sick, egotistical puppy

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know about "allen ginsburg," but I'm glad Allen Ginsberg isn't. And even if he was, how bad could "hell" be in lowercase?

  • 1 decade ago

    I met the man on more than one occassion, in the "East Village"

    I have never truly grasped nor held to the "concept" of Hell, especially as it relates to fear tactics imposed on those who believe PEACE is some way to Believe.

    I doubt seriously that Allen cares, at this point, what OUR opinions are, but I wonder about yours since you gave no details as to why you express "Glad?"

    Steven Wolf

  • 1 decade ago

    you mean Allen Ginsberg

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  • 1 decade ago

    I, too, have seen the greatest minds of my generation destroyed.

    By stupid questions asked by ignorant people on this website.

  • 1 decade ago

    Uh no. . . Are you God, or somebody more qualified to comment on who is in Hell?

  • 1 decade ago

    What a horrible person you are...I am sure your mother is ashamed

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