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bowling ball question?

when a company says a bowling ball has a low RG a high differental what does that mean?

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    The answer to your question lies in this link.

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    RG (Radius of Gyration) is a value which range identifies how fast a ball rev's up. The lowest RG (2.430) revs fastest and higher RG (2.800) revs slowest. The DIFF (RG Differential) is the actual difference in the Radius of Gyration (RG) of the ball's RG Minimum and RG Maximum specifications. DIFF relates to the amount of core torque, which can be compared to the horsepower of an engine. The range of DIFF is from .000 to .060. The higher the DIFF, the greater the 'horsepower' in the core's torque, thus increasing its track flare potential.

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    Try for the definition.

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