Limewire question,for all the lime users....???

OK,i've used limewire for like 1 year.Recently I've started downloading programs like software.I usually download only winzip files.Every time I start to download a executable file limewire displays a warning saying it could contain a virus.How safe it is to download an executable file off of Limewire?I know I'm gonna get a lot of Limewire hater responses so please dont bother player haters.

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    i'm a limewire user since i can remember, even i get such msgs whn i dwnload stuff.... from my experience i can say tht u can take the risk of dwnloadin it most of thm dont contain any virus but if u r not sure thn u can alwayz use torrent sites to dwnload softwares or other sites tht provide such softwares.... try or for normal download try www.katz.wz

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    It is safe as well as unsafe to download EXE files off limewire. I've been using it since 3 years, I can tell you 2 tricks to tell if a file is a virus or not.

    1. If a file has a name such as "Counter Strike Condition Zero full version" but has a very small size ; like in KBs or very few MBs, it is likely to be a virus

    2. EXE Files which are of the following sizes are virii-

    228 KB


    53 KB


    14 KB

    There is one thing you can do to assure that your file is virus-free. Immediately scan the folder with an Anti-virus so that there are no virii or Trojans present. Plus only download Files which you are very sure to be virus-free.


    Gabriel Trex

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    you must be careful with whatever you download off the internet, whether it is off limewire or internet explorer. I must say though it is comparitively more unsafe to download from limewire because what is downloaded using limewire is uploaded by a person (who remains anonymous) as compared to downloading off sites where the website owner is known. This means that you cannot catch the person from whom you downloaded the file incase something goes wrong, but you can atleast warn the website from where you downloaded the software in case something goes wrong.

    You could take one precaution while downloading any file off limewire and that is to view it's popularity (number of users who have the file). This will indicate to you how many people have taken that bold step to download the file, but also kept it safely for others to download. However this is just a precaution and a virus that spreads fast could bypass this too so you still must be on gaurd.

    Alternatively I would suggest downloading using torrents. I feel downloading software off torrents is much safer. But you may not find it as easy to handle as compared to limewire.

    Limewire is truly a sweet software to use, but due to its inability to ensure your security, it gives you the warning and rightly so. So beware what you download off it.

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    I downloaded a great type of songs off Limewire, yet then the RIAA threatened to sue. So fortunate they did now no longer. they have been given my IP handle from supoenas or some element. most of the time they do sue, besides the actuality that, like they even sued a 12 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous some years returned. After that, I converted to employing Get unfastened music, that's criminal indoors the states.

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    Sometimes it's safe, but sometimes it could be a program to install viruses and spyware (your virus scanner will not catch these). You are taking a big risk downloading software from Peer-2-Peer networks...I have crashed my computer a couple times because I ran an executable file (even one in a zip file) that I downloaded form there. Make sure you have a very good virus scanner and be careful what you download.

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    Limewire and all of the P2P sites are filled with viruses. There is no guarantee what you are downloading (stealing) is what you think it is.

    Basic rule of thumb is if you need a piece of software badly; buy it and don't take the risk.

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    the message is there for a reason. i picked up a BAD virus when i downloaded a program. i suggest try to save any exe files u download and scan then before u execute them!

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    it's really possible that upon downlaoding, a virus comes along.... it would just be better if you had an anti-virus software installed in your computer...

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