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anyone know a best place to advertise my dog?

i need to find her a new home where she can get the care and training she needs. I tried to take her back to the dogs home but they said they'de put her down due to her problems being so severe. What are the best web sights to list her on.

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    That depends on the breed of dog and the type of problems that are occurring with her. If she is a specific breed of dog, I would recommend that you contact the local rescue organization. For example, I got my most recent dog, who also needed lots of training, from the Mid-American Rottweiler Rescue. He's turned out to be a wonderful save.

    If the dog isn't a specific breed, you might consider putting up signs at the offices of the local vets. People that take their pets to a vet tend to be more responsible pet owners and will often adopt "hard luck cases." So, this might be an option as well.

    If I could make one more recommendation, you should be as honest as possible with any potential adopter about the nature of the problems occurring with your dog. This will help given them some incites about the behavioral issues they will need to work on with the dog and may give the dog the best chance at succeeding as a well behaved member of their new family. As the current dog owner, you owe that to the dog and the potential adopter.

    Best of luck and Merry Christmas!

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    You can make a free page and link her as "Adoptable Now". There are rescue groups on Dogster who will cross-post for you and the Dogster Railroad is a great resource for finding a new home. Please list your pup as an adoption and not a sale.

    Or, if you can re-consider, hire a certified behavioralist to help you confront the dog's issues. I can only assume from your question that she has behavioral issues.

    Surrendering a dog just because of training issues is, sorry, not a great excuse.

    When you adopt and save a life, you save that life forever.

    Surrendering her now just puts her life in more jeopardy. Her behavioral issues should be addressed NOW!

    Source(s): Professional Dog Trainer/Behavioralist
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    Put an ad in kennel section in your local paper

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    What is wrong with her and if she is mean or bites you have to watch giving her away. The people that get her get hurt they can come back on you.

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    put an ad in the newspaper

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    What is wrong with her?

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