I was thinking about making a gingerbread house.......?

but I need the quickest suggestions on how to make it easy, simple, fun, and mostly not to take up a lot of time. Also what kinds of things can I use to make it the best. serious answers please-------thanks!

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    hi ginger bread houses really can be a lot of work!!!!

    here is 2 cheats way of making a house this is the easiest

    1.make a small house using cardboard this can be done for a fun group idea. get your royal icing bowls of different lollys and piping bags ready and decorate to your hearts content wrapping in cellphone always has a nice affect

    2.royal ice (the directions are on the icing) together some very plain rectangle biscuits like milk arrowroot let dry then assemble together to male a simple house this is still fidgety but faster than baking, decorate with any Lolly's hope it helps let me know if you need more info


    pretzels make good fences, don't forget to do a path using choc freckles or broken flat lolly, all this should be assembled on a foil covered cardboard base

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    Use Graham crackers as basic building panels. Pre-fab roof panels flat first then add to house. Ay Xmas candy is useful, be creative. Waffle grid pretzels make great windows, doors. Use thicker frosting for glue. Small cardboard boxes can be covered over.

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    Walmart has a gingerbread house kit for only like $10 (US). I do believe it comes with everything, though if you want extras, my suggestions would be gumdrops and maybe tiny candy canes would be cute. But I'm not real familiar with it. I made one several years ago..Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Have fun with your project!

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    micheals has a kit ready to assemble

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