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Digicam suggestions?

What's a good slim/small/compact/sleek digital camera with zoom and a decent amount of megapixels?


Thanks answerer one and two, but there is a distinct difference in size between the Canon Powershot line, for instance, and L Espion S digital camera line (one more conventional, the other the size of a Zippo lighter).

That's one thing. Secondly, the smaller (i.e. - the emphasis on size/dimensions in how I asked the question) they get, the more functionality you sacrifice - so zoom isn't necessarily a given.

I was just hoping there was a techie gadget junkie out there who'd come across something a bit different/not so run of the mill who had something legitimate to contribute is all. Thanks for your answers though.

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    Gadget junkies? Try and you'll find tips, reviews and LOTS of gadget-junkie-people! I've use his site for years for answers to everything photographic.

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    most camera comes with zoom. decent amount of megapixels would be 5 -6. most digital cameras that are small, sleek and compact fits your criteria.

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    i agree with cheekan

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