Have you had a weird paranormal experience? if yes please tell.?

ie ghosts, seance experiences, visions etc etc

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes. One time after the kids had left for the bus stop I was cleaning the bathroom with my back to the bathroom door I clearly and very loudly heard my oldest son say * MOMMA*. I turned around thinking he had missed the bus and NO-ONE was there, I looked all over the house. It left me with such a weird feeling I went to the bus stop after school was out to see him get off the bus and he did. I let it go thinking I was just nutts or something ... Weeks later my husband and I were watching TV and started hearing this load screetching noise up stairs in the sam sons bedroom . Sounded like he was moving his bed and dresser around the room. It was so load we couln`t hardley hear the TV. My husband hollered up stairs for him to quit cuz he was scratching up the floors. At the same time I looked out the window and all 3 of the boys were outside playing ball. We started up the stairs to see what it was and about 1/2 way up the stairs the noise stopped no one was up there and no furniture was moved.... This really gave me the creepes And anytime after that I went up there when no one else was home I got this cold creepy feeling like someone was watching me.... WE ended up selling the house and moved.

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    1 decade ago

    Members of my family have had experiences forever. The strongest mediums for ghosts is myself and my mother. The strongest for precog is me. I know when there is something wrong and it doesn't matter how far away I am. I have been in so many haunted houses that I could write a book! This forum isn't long enough for me to tell you about the things that we have experienced throughout the years. I'll tell you this one though. I was sitting at the table in this old house and I happened to look up and I saw this little boy peeking around the corner of the tablecloth grinning at me and I said I hope you know that I can see you and he pulled back. I got up to chase after him and when I came into the living room there were my three children sitting in front of the television and my son was smack in the middle. I said which one of you was just in the dining room messing with me and they all said no one had moved. I also saw a ghost of a tall man wearing a wide brimmed hat standing in my bedroom doorway. That house was off the chain! I wish I could tell you more stories but this is already too long.

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    Years ago, I had a dream whereby I woke in that dream and had to go to the bathroom.

    When I walked into the bathroom and turned on the light, there was an old woman standing there, and that really scared me.

    Before I could say anything, she told me, "Someone you know with blonde hair has died."

    I woke up startled, and actually laid there a minute trying to think of who I knew with blonde hair.

    It was the middle of the night and I was tired, and fell back to sleep.

    I went to work the following day, and had forgotten about that dream.

    At noon, I received a call from a friend telling me that another friend had been involved in a hit-n-run accident late the night before, and that he was in the hospital on life support.

    I remembered the dream then and the older woman, because my friend who died had blonde hair.

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    When my mother died every one in the family had a dream or you could say a visit from her telling all of us she was all right. The one that was the most amazing was the two year old great grandson. There is no way a two year old could make a visit from her up. He was observed talking to her and looking up at the ceiling saying goodbye grandma go up in the sky with the airplane, and he was waving his little hand, When asked who was he talking to he said grandma Helen.

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  • Mrs. T
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, My mother died several years ago and I used to put flowers on her grave about 10 times a year. As time went on I replaced the flowers less often. One morning I had a weird thought pop in my head about stupid looking white flowers with silver streamers on them. I felt a little guilty about not replacing the flowers in several months so I bought yellow roses and took them to her grave. When I got there there were these ridiculous white flowers on her grave with a card from my sister in law. I know it was my mom beckoning me from her grave to get these ugly flowers off before she became the laughing stock of the cemetery.

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    My mom used to wake me when I had to get up early for something, but now that she has passed away, I am now woken (only if I have to get up early) by someone grabbing my blankets and flapping them vigorously. I have never seen her, but I know its her doing what she always did.

    P.S. I could write a book on the events that happen in this house on a daily basis.

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    Yes...I used to live in a haunted house. They spirit wasn't

    mean or angry or anything though. I was lying in bed one night and

    my door opened. I got up and closed it again and locked it.

    I laid back down and it opened again. I decided to just go to sleep.

    Then it felt like something laid down on top of me. It was just a real

    heavy weight. Then I moved into another house. We put a door up

    in our living room. One night when my husband and I were in there,

    someone/something knocked on the door. There was nothing there.

  • lovely
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    1 decade ago

    One time I heard a noise like a baby crying on one end of the house, then on the other end of the house the toilet flushed on its own. Stupid I know, but it was really creepy!

  • 1 decade ago

    ok on dec 20 I was set on th bed waching tv when the chanl turn to difert show the remote was in the bathroom now what

  • KathyS
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    1 decade ago

    I saw one of the UFO's in the early 80's (hudson Valley sightings)

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