Why is the abbreviation of pound lb?

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    The origin is in the Latin word libra, which means both balance scales (the symbol for the astro sign Libra) and also a pound weight, the full expression was libra pondo, the second word being the origin of our pound.

    .....so its all comes down to latin

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    Lb. is an abbreviation of Libra, an old Roman unit of weight equal to 12 ounces. The word Pound is Germanic, and describes approximately the same weight (an apothecary's pound is actually 12 ounces). When the British system of weights and measures was established, the word "Pound" was in common usage - English is a Germanic language. However, the abbreviation for "Libra" was borrowed from the Romans, since Latin was still considered the standard language of Europe. This is similar to using the Germanic names for elements (gold, silver, lead) but using their abbreviated Latin names for their symbols (Au, Ag, Pb).

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    The Latin word libra means “scales, balances" and it also describes a Roman unit of mass similar to a pound. This is the origin of the abbreviation “lb” for the pound. The “s” at the end of “lbs” simply denotes the plural form.

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    The Roman pound was "Libra" and the abbreviation came from that. This is the same Libra as the Zodiac sign - the one with the scales.

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    I asked a friend and he said that according to Webster's

    Dictionary it is an abbreviation for libra, the Latin word for

    a unit of weight in ancient Rome approximately equal to but

    less than the avoirdupois pound

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    we get the lb from the latin word libra which means scales and balances.

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    is the name of a unit of mass in a number of different systems

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    lb. (for one pound)

    lbs. (for many punds)

    or pound sign : #

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