I want to buy a cell phone. I am currently under contract and don't want to sign another contract. Help!?

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    you surely can buy a phone and keep your current mobile no and plan without having to sign a contract.mobile carriers ask you to sign a contract only if you like to take advantage of the rebates they offer.but if you want to have another phone with the different phone no without a contract, just do the pay as go thing..

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    All of the cell phone companies have some sort of "pay as you go" plan. However, consider the advantages and disadvantages....

    With pay as you go, yes you don't have a contract but if you are a frequent cell phone user (saying that you have a 700 minute plan under your current contract), it is actually more costly to own a pre-pay since on the average you'll pay about 30c a minute on peak usage. Some companies also add a dollar charge either per day or for the days you use the phone, and "compensate" it with "cheaper" rates.

    However, if you are an infrequent user of cell phones then pre-pay works out cheaper and yes your are not locked in. After your minutes expire and you don't want the cell anymore, do nothing and that's it.

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    Get a Virgin Mobile phone No contracts Very good rates

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    Buy a cell phone 'pay as you go' . Then just buy the minutes as you need them. That's what I have. :)

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