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Why do women think that loud, rude men are "sexy bad boys"?

On the other hand, men who are cool and confident are viewed as "boring" and "too nice".

Why is this? Do healthy, well-adjusted men need to start being obnoxious jerks so that women will like them?

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    Have never been attracted to "sexy bad boys", tho I know a lot of women are, also these women are shallow and insecure. I don't think you are missing anything.

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    cause some women see the "bad boy" attitude as macho and masculine, but soon come to realize that it's immature and just plain annoying. Some women are attracted to "bad boys" but do they have lasting relationships with them ? No. So don't worry about it, cool confident men are the ones who end up getting the decent, respectable woman. And no healthy, well-adjusted men don't need to start being obnoxious jerks so that women will like them. Women like men who are confident about who they are and who won't change just to impress. Remember, it's better to be hated for who u are, than to be loved for who ur not. Happy Holidays :)

    Source(s): P.S. I hate the bad boy attitude
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    I do not find loud obnoxious men attractive or even fun. So, I can not answer the question as to why some women find these men attractive.

    And I hope the confident "too nice" men stay just the way they are. I love um. Have a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year! God bless****

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    I don't!!!

    There is nothing worse than loud, rude people! (men or women!)

    Women who go after "sexy bad boys" are not looking for a long term relationship, they're just looking for some excitement. You are the type of guy that women (at least me) want for a serious relationship. Hopefully you are not only attracted to the type of women that want a loud and rude man...chances are, women in bars are looking for excitement, not an actual relationship. Please don't change yourself to get women...a relationship where you are faking your personality definitely won't work out! Be yourself and you'll find the person that is perfect for the real you. =)

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    Some women view them as the obnoxious, attention seeking little boys they are and there's nothing sexy about it. The women who are attracted to that are usually the dysfunctional psycho-queens (you know the type I'm talking about!) and who wants to attract that? I find cool & confident much more sexy than a bad boy. The bad boys are to play with...the confident boys are the relationship ones.

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    I consider myself cool and confident however most women label me shy and quiet, but I do very well with the ladies all the same. Actions always speak louder than words my friend. The key to attracting women is to be yourself because being yourself shows confidence in yourself. Trust me those loud and confident type of guys look ridiculous and terribly arrogant next to me only because I think before I speak. Don't worry about making the most noise.

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    This is definitely not true of all women. An intelligent woman will not be impressed with the loud obnoxious jerks, but instead will be looking for a guy with whom she can have a real conversation and who will appreciate her for her mind, not just her physical attributes. You sound to me like a guy any smart woman would be delighted to spend time with. Keep trying and you will find the right one.

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    Ok, if a guy is obnoxious I'll kick him before he can finish his sentence! When it comes to courting theres only one thing you need to know and that is, it's all just a game! For example, a guy and a girl are chatting it up in a bar and the girl is being extra flirty and he isnt responding, it becomes a challenge. Its the thrill of the hunt, everyone likes a little challenge. Guys that are too nice make it too easy for them to be attained. Im not saying become a douche bag but say you go on a date and it goes great let her fret about why you haven't called, she'll wonder..."why doesn't he want me?" and then the game starts.

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    I have never, ever in my life enjoyed the company of a loud, rude man. I had a brother for that and I hated his attitides more than anything. I don't perceive men who are "cool and confident" (suave, distant, aloof) as being honest, either. Men make mistakes, laugh, joke, discuss real topics and lead normal lives. Mature women know this.

    If a woman is attracted to loud, rude men then it's telling you volumes about her. Run the other way.

    Personally, I love a man who can talk about taboo subjects and make me laugh. I'm a tough audience. Not just anyone can get me to laugh. I married a man who can reduce me to tears of laughter, shock me with insight and is romantic. Yes, I hit the jackpot.

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    Actually, I think the women who like loud, rude men are probably in the minority.

    I prefer the cool and confident ones.

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