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I have no idea what i want to do. And i only have 1 and a Half year left before i start applying to collage. The thing is i want to work in a place where i can help people or have fun doing my job. I can't be a doctor because i can't stand the sight of blood and i don't find science interesting. The subjects i do take are Computers, Business, Economics, and Accounts. Don't want to be a banker or an accountant. Please help.


It's not about the money either.

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    Don't pick anything at first. You can enter college as an "undetermined" major. That will allow you to float around and take a few courses in different majors to find out what you are interested in. That is what I did. It also sounds like you might be interested in the same thing that I am majoring in, Finance. It involves everything that you said that you like. In the Finance major you don't have to be an Accountant or a Banker. You could have career in Real Estate (All kinds of careers in this one. Donald Trump majored in Finance and is a Real Estate Developer), Risk Management, Investment Analysis, Insurance, Financial Planning and Analysis, Credit Analysis, Cash Management or Corporate/Government Finance. You could be an adviser or Financial Director. The list goes on. Good luck.

  • Well, I don't have a decision yet, but I'm going to college and is not necessary that you need to have a career because you are gonna take credit classes for the University, you are not gonna take any career there, so mostly people have 2 years to choose what they want, so don't become exasperated, well, I don't know if where you live its different the way in college. Also, you can take an aptitude test, its gonna be helpful.Good luck

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    Top ten Highest paying jobs:

    1. Surgeons


    2. Anesthesiologists


    3. Obstetricians & Gynecologists


    4. Orthodontists


    5. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons


    6. Internists - General


    7. Psychiatrists


    8. Prosthodontists


    9. Family & General Practitioners


    10. Chief Executives


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    Guides for Specific Careers

    These sites are packed with information about planning your career. What kind of training or education is required? What can you earn? What kind of environment will you work in? What's hot? What's not?


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    Good luck

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    You can try Human Resources or some type of Counselor.

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