What is the best way to fight racism and discrimination?

Would it be justified to wage war against Germans and their interests in Africa? I just came back from Germany and the rate at which Germans discriminate Africans is highly alarming. They falsely implicate blacks, imprison them, ill-treat them and frustrate their efforts for no reason, just because they are Africans. My friend is suggesting we mobilize Africans to return to Africa and set up a group (did I hear you say militant group?) to fight Germans and harmper their interests in Africa. He is confident that 99% of Blacks around the world would support this group in an effort to send a "NO" signal to Germans and other Western world maltreating Africans.

So I am asking, will it be justified to do this? 'Cos the fire of anger of this act is burning in my heart and even more in the hearts of Africans suffering acts of racism and discrimination around the world.

Please advise me, cos with the current state of my mind-set, a rational decision is not in sight.

Thank you.

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    You don't have to scratch the skin of some people very deeply to find out why they were so easily led, as a people, to commit atrocities against their fellow man for superficial reasons like skin color or the shape of their head. Germans, I'm afraid, have a long way to go before they rejoin the Human race.

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    u knoe why black people face racism, a lot has do with the fact that no one respects us, especially african-americans we only care about the latest trends when we need to be helping those in africa, their are a lot of poor places and we arent even educated to know about africa and its different countries, why should others help them if we dont even help our own people!!! another reason why people dont like africans is because it is the poorest continent, people think that africa is just a jungle with people running around naked, not true at all, a lot of the people there word hard to have a little, people assume that all black people are the same around the world, different cultures do different things, its stereotyped that the irish like to get drunk, does that mean all europeans do to, but the minute a few black people are too loud then we are all like that. the world needs to grow up and get educated about what really goes on, the media does not help in any way!!!!!

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    You have some very justified feelings and thoughts. However, we cannot control the actions and thoughts of others. We can only control our own. Make sure that you make good choices for YOU. Dont speak badly of them, as they have done to you. Dont, think badly of them, as they have done to you. Dont allow others to be racist in your company. Dont become the opposite of the spectrum.

    The other things that you can do, is get political leaders involved in your efforts. Create a web site, write papers and send them to newspapers and politicians. You have the power to change things, but do it with a clean heart, a good heart and a loving heart. In the end, somehow your efforts will be rewarded and recognized.

    Keep focussed, you have enormous influence and passion. Use them wisely!!

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    understanding ends up in information. information ends up in empathy. lack of understanding ends up in worry. worry ends up in hate. If everybody interior the international might ought to take a style on cultural information, then we'd have lots much less problems interior the international. The way of existence might ought to incorporate economically, racially, psychologically, and different aspects like that. of direction, the empathy must be utilized into toleration. i'm no longer suggesting that we ought to settle for them, all i'm saying is that the arguments end with an contract to disagree.

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    Violence is not the answer to anything, even though we think it is, the best way to end all of this is understanding, compassion for everyone, education, the problem is it wont happen overnight or maybe in your lifetime and mine, someday we will all wake up one day and realize its not the color of the skin that makes us different, its how we act, that we shouldnt judge someone by their skin and take them as who they are. yes there will be still criminals, people that dont think or they still hate but as long as its not by color or race we will be okay. Peace would be wonderful but man loves to fight even though he doesnt have to, survival of the fittest

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    Education. Treat others as you want others to treat you.

    They call it the golden rule for a reason.

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    education and educating others

    Africa is NOT the poorest continent, it's just been RAPED the most.

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    Look up the Burn Notice.

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    Teach your children !

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