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1771-1890 for the African-American?

What were the most important changes in African-American social, political and economic life between 1776 and 1890?

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    The most important change for African Americans during that time period was the 13, 14 and 15th Amendments to the Constitution. The 13th freed the slaves, the 14th gave them civil liberties and the 15th the right to vote. Though the federal governemtn enacted these, the state governments did all they could, short of outright sedition, to curtail the 14th and 15th amendments, going so far as to enact their own "codes".... The social changes were vast...with newfound freedom, the first thing was to reunite families that had been broken up in "sales", they formed strong communities with strong ties to each other. Socially, among themselves, there were changes. Among former owners and in the south in general, only the law changed for them...not the reality of their lives. They were still expected to work, often the codes, ie mississippi, stipulated that they hire" on for a specified term of years and that if they left the job, they could be hunted down and returned to their "employers" for a reward.

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    Read Alex Haley's book Roots.


    Also check out these sites:

    Tracing African American roots through DNA


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    you will need 10 pages for this!

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