Is there a limit to free speech?

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    i think there is a limit to free speech. As long as it is not offending anyone you speak as much as you want.

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    There shouldn't be it seems lately that people have taken the first step toward a totalitarian society and put limits on free speech, soon people will be sacrificing freedom for liberty!

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    Of course there is a limit and there should be. You shouldn't have the right to cause harm to someone else with your speech.

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    Yes; slander and libel are forbidden. Also in some circumstances you are limited even further; when under oath, telling any lie is a crime, although of course it's done often enough :P Also some discriminatory statements are forbidden, and of course serious threats.

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    Yes, there is a limit.

    - You can't say anything that will hurt someone.

    - You can't yell out "FIRE!" in a crowded theater; that will just cause mass chaos (bomb threats included).

    Source(s): 8th Grade Social Studies
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    Sure as **** there is!

    Just watch this thing get flagged and deleted as soon as some turd reports it for swearing

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    Sure, if you threaten Bush, you will most likely go to jail, even if you have no intentions of wanting to do him any harm.

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