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No one ever told me life was going to be fair... for sure!... so... why does life need to be unfair... jeez!?

Some say we learn from the strife and tribulations, etc... why can't we learn from 'good" instead of the bad stuff?

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    But life is not always fun. We learn from good and bad stuff.

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    Who says life is unfair? I dare them to prove it. Life is perfectly fair. Bad things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. That is fair. What people mean when they say life is unfair is that they want some unfair advantage. Some think if they do good then life hands them a lemon it is unfair. What they are missing is the main point: "Doing good IS its own reward".

    As for your second question, of course we can learn from the "good". That is the difference between a wise man and a fool. Truth is that some people are big enough fools that they never learn. Those are the ones who complain about the unfairness of life the most. They are like the guy in prison who did the crime, but spends all of his time complaining about the lawyer, judge, and cops. One other thought. LIFE is fair, but PEOPLE are not. Unfortunately your life is going to be filled with people.

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    A claim like "life is unfair" does not seem logical too. Yes, we learn from strife but strife is not something really bad.

    I know, you think that I said something stupid but think about it;

    is HATRED bad?

    or to have HATRED is bad?

    is LOVE good?

    or to have LOVE is good?

    As a concept they are not good or bad. All the things like that. I think good and bad are the same thing or come from the same source (probably mind_that mind can be GOD too.) and that source have this properties in itself. To understand bad, it is NECESSARY to understand good and vice verse...

    So when you learn something from the strife, you simply learn something from good too, because; you draw the line between them. For good, it is the same thing. To conclude; it is possible to learn a lot from "the good" too.

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    We learn from good and bad. We also become stronger from the bad stuff because of the determination, perseverence and patience it takes to get through. The world perceives fairness as distributing evenly or in equal amounts. Life was never meant to be fair. We will suffer in this world...each of us in different degrees. Our hope is an eternal life free from trials and suffering and that is made available teach one of us. That is the only thing in this world that is fair.

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    I believe that there are blessings in learning from good and bad experiences in life. I felt tested to the max in the year 2002. Everthing that could go wrong went wrong. I went through a brief period of sorrow and frustration then I prayed ceaselessly, read the Bible, sought advice, reflect on my life, goals and desires, and made opportunities to get strong and have alternatives to struggles and challenges that come my way. Don't give up. Whatever you're experiencing, you are too special and valuble to resignate to dispair.

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    I say we learn from the good stuff & the bad stuff. Unfortunately, seems like you are having some problems. Sorry to hear that! Hope things start looking up for you! Maybe when it's all over you'll realize what good can come out of it. :-)

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    Life that we are living right now is the sole creation of our thoughts, actions and intentions of the past.

    So if we do not what we have been creating so far, we only have to start creating differently by taking charge of our creation – Our life.

    When we begin to take responsibility of our actions, thoughts and intention we know exactly what we are going to experience in the future as we were completely aware while we were creating our future life.

    Since it is we who are creating this life every moment, we have the power to change it as well, moment by moment. That is the power of our Freewill.

    No one else has the power to change our life but we ourselves, and unless we claim that power, we would continue to live the life, we have been creating so far.

    We are the creators of our life on earth, not victims of it.

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    Very often one "creates" their own levels of "unfair" by having "expectations" that are of unreasonable levels to attain.

    Life is neither the "Blue Fairy" nor the loss of a JOB. It's a process that takes a lifetime to work at in attempting to achieve, and "perfection" should never be dismissed as a goal, but is relative to how one works at "IT"

    Steven Wolf

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    How could you experience good without experiencing bad? everything in existance has 2 sides..front and back, inside and outside, good and bad. Accept the whole..and realize that if things are bad now, good is usually right around the corner. Sometimes its only our own perception that makes things 'good' or 'bad'. We learn from both.

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    science will say that every action has a opposite or equal reaction, so on the balance of probabilities you reap what you sow,bad and good are societies values, if we live our short life by what are the dictates of the society in which we choose to live,then we must adhere to those societies laws. your perception of what is a good life may not be mine, we are as humans are experiential learners, so alledgedly your life by your perception should get better the older you become, pass on your learned experiences to others that way you could inevitably improve your societies values. regards LF

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