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I have to start residency at St Johns Episcopal, far rockaway, new york. Searching for a place to live. Where?

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    A couple of questions need to be answered first.

    What is your call schedule going to be like ? All in house or will you have to come in from home ?

    Are you Jewish ? Do you need to be near a temple ?

    Since you're gonna be making less than 45K

    is 1300 / month too much ?

    Do you drive ?

    there are a couple of possibilities : Long Beach go over the Atlantic beach bridge - toll - and make a left in The west end [ all the streets with states names ] is about 4-5 miles from the hospital. There is a bus that will take you right there . If you do rent west end try to get an accurate idea as to what it costs to heat the house for a winter and who pays for it.

    The best part about the west end is that you can't be more than 2 blocks from the ocean

    There there is also the possibility of living in what the locals call the five towns; inwood [avoid it] cedarhurst, hewlett, lawrence & woodmere. all are within a maximum of five miles from the hospital and you can take bus directly to the hospital .

    A good reason not to live in rockaway is that you will have a constant flow of very low altitude large aircraft over head taking off or landing at JFK . This air traffic can make sleeping hard at times

    For runway info go to KJFK-then airnav.

    If you do chose to live in rockaway go west of B 110 th st.

    Source(s): used to live 10 blocks from the hospital
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    There are parts of Far Rockaway that are okay but for the most part anything near a housing project stinks. You'd be better off living in Howard Beach/Ozone Park. You can still grab an "A" train and you are in a safer area.

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