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c program for string concatenation?

C program coding

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    Try using strcat() function (Be sure to include string.h). The syntax of this function is :

    newstr = strcat(str1, str2 );

    This means the function accepts two string "str1" and "str2" as arguments and concatenates them. The concatenated string is assigned to the variable "newstr".

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    Careful with the first parameter. There must be enough space allocated in that memory space because the second string will be appended. See the documentation link.

    Are you asking for a function or a program? If a program, then I think we don't understand the question.

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    String a = strcat(str1, str2 );

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    this program concats 2 strings a,b using a user-defined function conc().

    a and b are passed to the function and accepted in the variables x and y . the concated word is stored in z.

    void conc(char x,char y)


    int l1=strlen(x);

    int l2=strlen(y);


    char z[l3];

    for(int i=0;i<l3;i++)







    hope this helps.

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    If you need ready function, use strcat().

    Note that for strcat(s1, s2) s1 must have enough room to contain resulting string.

    If you need your own function, it will be as:

    s1 = realloc( s1, strlen(s1)+strlen(s2)+1);

    strcpy( s1+strlen(s1), s2 );

    That's all.

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    already defined fn in string library.


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    There is already a function, strcat(), which does this for you.

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    str3 = str1 + str2;

    this is simple. note its just a partial coding.

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