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HELP. what haircut would look really good on me!?

i really don't know what to do with my hair, it's long and i'm tired of it. i kind of have a round face and i want to know how to make it look thinner?

what would look good on me?

that's my picture, i just want to know what you think from people who are experienced.. hair people.

please help me!

btw, i really kind of like the whole "scene-ish" haircuts, which is choppy and straight. don't tell me to "be myself" because that's absolute bs and i want to wear my hair however the f i want, which is that. alright. :)

should i go short?

i would like a serious point of view, pleaseeeeeeee

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    You've got nothing to worry about; you're hair looks great as it is, the length that it is.

    IMHO, it looks better this way than it would if it were shorter. Not that it wouldn't look bad shorter, but I think longer is definitely the way to go for you. (And I like short short - boy short - hair on girls. So you know you are getting a weighted opinion.)

    Your hair can have a choppy, tossled look even with long hair. With good hairdresser and some holding cream, you should be able to achieve this affect.

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    Your hair looks very pretty and healthy , I like the long length in the front. Your face shape you can carry anystyle. If you are looking for change I say cut some of the length and leave the front to frame your face.Very straight and choppy at the ends. Maybe lighten around your face to soften the color and to bring out your amazing eye color. Good Luck !!!

    your a pretty girl.. you can where almost anything.. Have fun

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    Hey, you have really nice hair. But if you are bored with it, then I think you can go for a shorter hair cut, jaw-length may be, or a little longer, with some layers to give some volume on top and frame your face nicely. Don't get your hair permed, keep it straight if you want to make your face look thinner.

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    You have a really cute face...a bob to the shoulders would look great on you...or a low layered cut to fringe and frame your face. I wouldn't go too short as it would be too much of a shock for you & you might not like it....shoulder length to start, then if you decide you'd like to go shorter you can do so then. Baby steps when it comes to hair...too drastic and you might freak yourself out! hehe!

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    alrite you need something totally different n unexpected i think you should look up different hair cuts to see what matches you or try dying it all black or all blonde something that sets your face out or shows it off for me i think you should cut the back of and let the front have some length or cut all round to have a nice boy cut that would really bring out your face there is always extensions dont worry

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    Make a little bob, you have a pretty face so dont hide behind your hair doll

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    In my opinion you should not cut it short. Straighten it or perm it and it will look wonderful on a round face , preferably perm it.

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    i would go shoulder lenghth get side swept bangs and do the straight choppy thing. have fun

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    i think you should cut it bald then you should put pins all over your face jam them in and you would look like this

    good luck.

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