What holiday are we really celebrating december 25th?

Ok accorning to historical fact, Jesus wanst born on December 25th . Probably around September, October, and Novermer at the latest. I heard that we as Christians are really celebrating a Pagan Roman Holiday if so what holiday is it that we are unintentionally celebrating..

BTW I am a bible believing Christian , I just wnat to knwo the real holiday that is being celebrated

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    the day the angel appeared to Mary may have been in december, but Jesus wasn't born until early fall, like semptember. This is calculated by knowing the jewish calander and knowing when John was born. I'll have to find the source for that.

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    Uhm...I'm going to go against your statements.

    1) According to historical fact, Jesus was born around April, NOT December.

    2) Oh yes, Dec. 25 has NOTHING to do with Christ, really. In the Bible, it says that we should celebrate his death, not birth, because it was his DEATH that released us from eternal punishment.

    3) Dec. 25 is actually a day celebrate/praising an IDOL, not good. Yes, I also have heard it is a Pagan Roman Holiday.

    Try researching online.

    In Christ, Melodie

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    It is called Winter Solstice. Worship of the sun and yes it is pagan and yes you are right, Jesus was not born December 25th. People are wrong in celebrating it because they offend God when they do so. But like most people who claim to be christian and are church goers they only pay attention to things in the bible that are convenient to them and ignore the things that aren't.

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    Christmas celebrates Consumers Helping Retailers Increase Sales Through Myth and Superstition. (C H R I S T M A S). Read that the other day and thought it was applicable.


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  • Anonymous
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    It ultimately doesn't matter how we began celebrating the birth of Christ on December 25th. That's what's celebrated now. What they did on that date 2000 years ago is irrelevant.

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    1 decade ago

    The holiday is whatever you celebrate. The original celebrations were taken over by power hungry people in attempt to convert and rule the world.

    Blessed Yule!

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    I'm celebrating the birth of the Son of God who is my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I celebrate His birth every day of the year and am thankful always that He died on my cross, in my place, to pay for my sins.

    I don't know what you are celebrating on Christmas Day, but Jesus will be my focus. That is what - or who - I am 'really' celebrating.

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    We choose 25th december to clebrate his birth. No historicaly correct cuz the date of his birth was not stated in the bible

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    Since we dont know the actual date, we celebrate it on Dec. 25th.

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    whats up now. That "magical flying guy" is the god Odin, on his 8 legged flying horse named Sleipnir. Have some admire. You did no longer think of it replaced into accident that "Santa" had 8 flying reindeer did you? heavily nonetheless, I plan to rejoice the secular "Christmas"/wintry climate solstice. As surgeon Who reported in between the Christmas specials, it quite is a time to rejoice the tip of the darkness (longest evening of the year).

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