ok,now I'm scared?

If my boss got access to all my yahoo stuff,w/o passwords, does he have access to my aol stuff too? Has my account been compromised? Do I have to delete everything and create new stuff? How legal is this?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If your accessing stuff from a Work PC, he's got rights to how your using Company Equipment. As in checking to see if your sending out Company Secrets.

    If you want your Personal things to stay personal then stay off it while your at work.


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    If my bosses WANTED to get into my accounts I've used at work, they could. Any keys u've punched on that keyboard could be used to look at by the person and whoever he/she let look at, who put the 'eye' in the computer system. Ours is nvc. They say it's so the tech can fix a problem on the computer w/o even being there. Whoever fixes your computers is probably the one w/primary access to your accounts and lets the 'boss' see. I use my home pc for personal stuff... there's usually some kind of symbol in the task bar. Roll your curser over icons in task bar to see what they are...

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    Your boss does not have the right to do this, depending where you live, privacy legislation should protect you, and if so you should bring charges of invasion of privacy against your boss. You will almost certainly lose you job, however you may do so in any case, make him pay for the intrusion into your private life, and seek another employer, without giving a reference to your current job.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if your using the company pc then it is legal...but i would change p/ws ( though if he has a key stroke system, then that wont help, suggest not using company pc and deleting it all and use only home pc after changing p/w

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