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I have a mean female cockatiel, how do I get her to be more friendly.?

She will land on me, but won't let me pick her up. She always trys to bite.

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    there is no easy answer to this...however i have been told that you just have to take the bites till she gets used to the idea of being handled. it will take awile but you have to show her that you are not afraid of her and she will eventually stop biting and be okay with you handling her. good luck and happy holidays=)

  • time and patience.....keep handling her and don't let her know her biting is getting a reaction out of you. I would also not flick her on the beak...I have seen people do this and it only makes them more aggressive. Offer her treats only when you are handling her, she will put 2 and 2 together and realize sitting nice= food. It takes time, sometimes a lot. I have a 22yr old who is excellent, but she was hell at age 3 when I got her. It took a good year before she really was ok with me, but now she has been a wonderful pet for so many years. Some just bite out of fear, if you assert yourself and don't cave she will get the idea...don't try salt or gloves or anything like that. Also slow movements are the best.... keeps them calm. I would train her in the bathroom and makesure her wings are clipped. There she has no place to go, and must trust and rely on you. I have trained all my difficult birds in the bathroom, its quiet and small and there is no distractions.

    good luck :)

    Source(s): cockatiel owner and breeder for over 20 yrs
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    Hi Please do-not do the salt thing as the person sugested as no bird should be aloud salt even if its only on your finger! And in answer to your question, you need to be more assertive(sp) let her bite is the only way, you show your pain or that it is hurting you parrots will do it more, everytime it nips you tap it on the beak quick and tell it no, offer it stuff like millet out of your hand favourite foods it likes and stuff, move slow thou it will take alot of time as she's gotten used to biting, sudden hand movements can scare her so go real slow when moving towards her start trying to give her head tickles and stuff, there is no quick way and there is no other way to do it other than getting her trust, also dont try to wear gloves or anything as that can scare the tiel even more!

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    I had a Quaker Parrot years ago that became the same way. I ended up having to give him away for the same reason. The lady to whom I have the bird tole me that if you don't spend time working with them a daily bases that they will get this way. She is trying to revert back to the wild and unless you put forth a lot of effort, the bird will remain this way or get even worse. If you work with her for an hour or so every day she will get better, but it won't happen overnight. Good luck.

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    Be very patient, don't rush, she will get scare. Build up the trust 'gradually'. It takes time for her to understand that you will not harm her. But at the same time you have to let her know that you are the boss, in a peaceful way.

    Yes, food it's a good idea. For example, she land on your left shoulder, you put some food on your right hand, and put your hand "in front" of her.

    I say "in front" because if your hand approach her "behind" her, she may think it's an attack. But if your hand approach her in front of her, this way she sees you hand it's coming.

    When she eat the food on your hands, give her some more time, let her get use to it, I mean don't immediately touch her, or she will get offense again.

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    Well sounds to me like she is tamed to a point, but some cockatiels just don't like your hands to take them off of where they want to be. If she is biting at you when you try to handle her while shes out of the cage, leave her alone and enjoy her enjoying her time out of the cage. DON'T MAKE HANDLING HER SO IMPORTANT TO YOU THAT THE BIRD HAS TO DEFEND IT'SSELF FROM YOUR HANDS. If you GAIN her TRUST she will eventually want to STEP UP onto your hands, but until you take the time to allow her to be who she is, she will always feel she has to defend herself to get her own way, making YOU THINK she is mean when she really isn't. Give her permission to be who she is and don't always expect her to be who YOU want her to be. She has her own mind just like you have yours. So stop reaching at her and show her you can be trusted.

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    This will sound strange, but SALT. We raise tiels and to train them away from biting, wet your finger and salt it, when it starts to bite, make sure it gets the "salted finger". Before you know it you will have a bite-free bird.

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    get a manican and put it in a room and close the door with the bird, let the bird deal with that 4 a while if that dont work i dont know what will

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    i have a cockateil [boy] he was aggressive however i went on line and info told me to work with him and the best way is not to back off put your finger under her chest and nudge her alittle pretty soon she will get on your finger mine did hes cute

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    get her wings clipped,nails clipped,and bill clipped so u she wont bite u and then get her out and let her get used 2 u

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