shirtless advice....?

ok im 23/m....when/where/what situations is it ok to be shirtless? as much details regarding at home and away from home would be great. i am soon to be living in a house with 1 girl, 3 guys. all of us are 23-29. oh and during the summer, now, anytime too. I want advice from guys or girls, anyone. make a list, it will make sure you earn the best answer! Thanks in advance for your details and tips!

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    whenever wherever you want whatever you wanna do without a shirt just try to do it, your mates are going to respect your lifestyle, sure respecting some rules outdoor, but at home it's better to be shirtless, go ahead.

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    If you are three guys sharing a house with a girl, then I would say it's very important to be respectful and that includes wearing a T-shirt at all times, particularly when she is around. You have to set an example to the other guys too, you know. Just imagine all of you shirtless in faded boxers sprawled on the living room couch watching TV, balls hanging askew, touching your bellybuttons, showing off hairy armpits. Ewww!

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    If you're a gentleman, do not go shirtless when there is mixed company (girl/guy) I would imagine that living with a girl, you would always wear a shirt, except in the privacy of your own room, if you followed my advice. Swimming would an acceptable time to go shirtless, though. If you're not a gentleman, whenever you feel the need to take your shirt off would be fine.

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    lets see you can be shirtless

    - in the shower

    - after the shower

    - pool/beach

    -strip poker

    -drinking with the guys

    but it really depends on how the people in your house feel (and how nice you body is lol). If they think its ok to be shirtless at the dinner table, then go ahead! I would ask them foremost.

    I would say avoid being shirtless when the girl's boyfriends come over. But if you really want to show your body off, then go for it!!

    good luck

    Source(s): i have 3 older brotherss
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  • Donna
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    If it is OK with your roommates, anytime a home. When you have company over then you should cover up. When you are out, say the beach, in the yard or other casual places it should be fine. Fast food places or any place that serves food, you really need to wear a shirt.

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    If there are 4 guys with 1 girl in the same house, she should probably expect to see a lot. I would say on the way to the bathroom and back. Although, it's kind of hard to put a limit on this when you're in the house. Perhaps whatever you feel comfortable with as well as what she's comfortable with.

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    For a 23 year old it should be ok to be shirtless if you are in hot weather and in a casual situation with good friends. On all other occasions: Put a shirt on.

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    Erm.. U're a guy, it's ok to be shirtless if u find the atmosphere too warm for u, regardless of whether there're gals around.

    I'm a gal and i admit I'm very envious of u guys who could just pull out shirts when u're feeling warm, esp in the hot country that I live in!

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    At the table for any meal .. must wear a shirt.

    Watching TV or any leisure activity ... no shirt.

    Group activities like drinking or board games .. must wear a shirt.

    Sex ... shirt optional

    Sleeping ... shirt optional

    Shower ... shirt not recommended but could save money on laundry

    Working out ... shirt optional ... recommend tight shirt

    Cleaning house ... shirt recommended.

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    If you are in good shape... at home, on the beach, in the park, playing sports, anywhere but a place of business...

    if you are built like me... keep the shirtlessness in the bedroom and bathroom...

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