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Puppy Just got vacinations now hes pukeing...Is it from the shots?

My 7 1/2 Week Old Jack Russel Puppy has been healty no problems and today he recieved his 1st shot. He played all day and ate just fine but tonight after he had been asleep for awhile he woke up and Threw up...and then he did it two more times. He got right up and started playing and even went in to the kitchen and ate some of his food...I was just wondering if the shots could make a puppy sick to there stomach or if it could be that he really is sick....?

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    yes vaccinations can have an ill effect on a dog or puppy. CALL your vet and tell them what the puppy is doing, they will probably have u take it back in, just to be sure it is not serious.

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    I think that it's more likely that the stress of going to the vets and being handled and having the shots might have played a part in the pup getting sick. At 7 1/2 weeks that's a good bit of stress for a new pup to experience.

    If your dog is playing and eating, he's probably alright. If he's fine within a day or two I wouldn't worry about it. Major reactions to shots usually occur within an hour of the shots and the dogs don't just throw up a few times--they generally get progressively worse until they're given something to control the reaction.

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    Yes, some vaccinations can do this. I have a home remedy that works. Give them a teaspoon of plain yogurt twice a day This helps settle the stomach and works wonders. ALso if this doesn't work then it probably is not from the shots and there could be a larger problem. Def. try the yogurt!

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    Yeah proabably, alot of times it makes them a bit sick. He should get better by tonight though, if not you might wanna call the vet tomorrow. Puppies are just like humans, and some shots make them dizzy/sleepy/woozey so that may have caused the vomiting. I wouldn't worrly greatly just yet.

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    That sounds normal. If the puppy is still vomiting in the morning, call them and ask them about it to be sure. If he isn't vomiting anymore then be sure to mention it to them next time he gets his shots. Good Luck

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    could be. i would call and notify your vet just in case puppy picked up something in the clinic. that way you're covered both ways. if table was not wiped down properly germs from prev client could be spread to next. i lost litter of rottie pups due to this. they contracted parvo.

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    It happens after shots. Will be ok in a day

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