With the attitudes of illegals, don't they understand why Americans are against them?? or don't they care??

I see posts on here from illegals saying that they are here to stay and we can't do anything about it. That we can't force them to leave, or if we do they say they will come right back into the US.

I also see them say that they use false social security numbers and are proud of it.

They also play the race card everytime, saying "illegal immigrant" and "border baby" are a racist terms.

Don't they understand their attitudes?? Not only do they come here take away American jobs, hurt the US economy, raise health care costs for Americans, decrease property values, put financial strain on schools and health care, increase crime rates, and so on and so on. But they have this "I don't care" attitude!! That they are better than everyone. What's up with that??????

How would they feel if roles were reversed (that Amerians illegally entered Mexico and used all these attitudes and disrespect??)

Why can't they follow the example of all the other immigrants who came to the US???

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    They have gotten by with that attitude for a while now and think they won't get caught and deported. They must live constantly looking over their shoulder and in a constant state of paranoia knowing someone might apprehend them anytime. They give off this "I'm proud of being here illegally", "I don't care", "No one will do anything to me" attitude to cover up their fear of being deported at any time. It's a front. They're scared as $h*t but stay rather than go back and enter the legal way. They don't WANT to be legal. It would make them have to pay taxes, get car insurance, there would be a paper trail, their wages would be known and they would have to pay taxes on those wages, their wages are probably more than what they report right now and they most likely wouldn't qualify for the freebies our gov't. gives them as an illegal. Those people don't want to be "American" citizens, they just want what we have to offer them as illegal invaders. They are freeloaders.

    None of those people crossing the border illegally are starving. None of them look like emaciated Ethiopian people who ARE starving. They aren't starving. That's a lie. They are greedy, lazy, people looking for a free handout.

    kysteelgirl ↓below ~ I don't know about you but, I can "multi-task". I can get on here and bytch, discuss issues, inform and get informed on the immigration, or lack-thereof, issue, as much as I want to. I also keep up with other issues in the rest of the world and in the USA. I write and e-mail my representatives, discuss this and other issues with my family, friends and co-workers and other forums. Many on here do. Don't assume we 'only' come on Y!A. THIS is the 'Immigration' category, so THAT is what we discuss on HERE. Don't be so presumptuous. Is that all YOU know how to do?

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    Because there is no ocean between us and the Rio Grande isn't what it used to be.

    As one Mexican General years back said. "Poor Mexico. So far from God, so close to the United States."

    The problem rests in Washington, D.C. and in Mexico City. Any country that can't control access is a country in name only. Leave the keys in the car long enough and someone will steal it.

    Now the citizens of Mexico or the U.S. cannot close the border without taking law into their own hands. The people that are at fault are those empowered to maintain this country. Your anger and resentment needs to be directed to the cause and not the result. Both are criminal.

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    I've seen awful behavior that defies any explination. They have acted like it's "normal". I figured at first it was because that was how they survived in Mexico and simply just didn't know any different. Now it's like they do know, and do it on purpose as an additional "in your face" lets see you try and do something to stop me. This state wants a few more million in tax funds to be spent on "immigration stations" where legal and illegal immigrants can go to find out what services are available for them. I think there needs to be stations that teach them basic laws and manners. Instead they are having to pass city laws against public urination and defication. I mean......no you can't let your kids go through the store and open packages of cookies and eat what they want and put the package back. That's stealing. You can't stuff dirty diapers in the shelves or under a pile of sweaters and please don't flush them down the toliet. It's unsanitary and wrecks the plumbing. The toys and bikes in a store are for people to buy.....not a daycare center for the kids use. You open you buy, you break you buy. It's common practice to say "excuse me" when you're mowing people over and "thank you" after exchange of services. It's rude to leer at our teenage daughters and make vulgar sexual comments. Sexual harrassment at the least. And no, you can't just whip it out and go to the bathroom anywhere you want because you have to go. You don't run away from the scene of an accident. You can't key my car just because you don't like my flag sticker. Distruction of property. You don't have the "right" to blast your music at 3 AM. Sound ordiances.

    I mean maybe they will grant amnesty. It still means we have to get along coz citizens aren't going anywhere either. It's going to be a real rude awakening when they realize how many laws they break that they don't have the "right" to do, and start having to pay the consiquences of those actions. Their own behavior gets the negative response and so far the citizens have been very well restrained.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, the best way to deal with the illegal immigration is building the 25 foot high wall along the U.S-Mexico border. The Congress and the White House are stupid enough to leave the border open for everyone !!!

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    not only do they have the I don't care attitude when THEY are the ones in the wrong then they call us racist because we don't want them here. They don't stop to think why we don't want them here..They don't think about what if the role was reversed..they keep using the "we want a better life" and "we only do the jobs Americans won't do" shi--..BS..and who doesn't want a better life..All Americans would like to not have to work and get benefits or those that do work would like to do it tax free...Their attitudes are the reason for our attitudes..

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    You are pointing to a very low class of people. Consider the source.

    If the roles were reversed? Are you serious? Take a look at the businesses which have left 'home' and moved there. It's a disgrace.

    As for expressions, like anchor babies, how can you offend people with facts?

    We really need to give America a good enema. Stick the hose, at the border!

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    Honestly we here in America make it easy for foreigners to come and live for free, not pay taxes for seven years, and get free Medical care. If I were a immigrant I would want to come here also. You know that we have a fair judicial system; they are locked up for the rest of their lives in the country.

    We are the melting pot. We accept any nationality into our country and make sure that they can live very comfortable. They do not have any jobs in their country, and they flee here to live better.

    I can understand this. I however do not agree that we need to make them feel comfortable, and give them things to start out. We as Americans did not have these amenities, and I think that since they are now Americans; they should pay taxes.

    I could care less if they come or not. I just would like to see them treated like any other American. Not exempt because of the naturalization status.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Illegal immigrants will do or say anything to make there case sound better or to make themselves feel better for openly breaking our laws. They cry about how hard it is to come here legally, but I have asked on here if any immigration laws should be changed and very few had any ideas. It is very true that yes if any of us say any thing anti-illegal immigrant, that yes they sure do yell, race, but all that is for is to make them feel better about being here illegally. They do have a kind of in your face way of doing things, like marching, saying we are here we are staying here, and you can not stop us, and saying that they are living their way, if we like it or not. We need to keep in mind, that if they get amnesty it will be a slap in the face to all who came here legally.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It amazes me when someone implies they know alot of illegal immigrants and how they think, how could anyone know that for a fact? And that they say quote "I use a fake SS card and I am proud of it". I don't think there are many illegals on YA, at least not writing in English since everyone says they can't speak it, they can't write it either. Sweeping generalizations tend to be biased to one side or the other and are usually assumptions that may or may not be correct.

  • Yakuza
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    I agree with Kay great solution...You know, maybe that's what Mexico did ....you think ?

    " Ethnocentrism," which means a person perceives his or her own values as better than anyone's. In this case, it seems certain Latinos are seeing their own values as better than American values.

    It has infected most all Latinos.

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