Explain Suduko to me?


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    Just go to this website http://www.sudoku.com/ and it tells you how to play and gives great tips. It's a simple game once you know how to play:)

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    No math skills required in Sudoku.

    Usually, you have a grid of 9x9, broken up into 3 minigrids of 3x3. A few numbers are filled in to the grid. Your job is to complete the grid, using each number 1 through 9 once, and only once, in each row and in each column and in each minigrid.

    There are several approaches which work. I use the approaches simultaneously because once you can do that (just practice gets you there) it's the most efficient and most rewarding.

    Look around the grid and find a row or column or minigrid that has lots of numbers filled in.

    Approach 1 - go through each square that's still empty and see what numbers it can't be. For example, if you're filling in a row that's mostly filled in and you look at an empty square you know it can't be any of the other numbers in the row. You also know it can't be any number that's already filled in in the same column. Finally,. you know it can't be any number that's already in the same mini-grid. This will usually narrow it down to 2 or three possibilities. Pencil them in for later when you'll know more. Or if you're lucky it'll give you the answer.

    Approach 2 - Look at a given row (or column or mini-grid) and see what numbers are not in it yet. This will tell you what the blank square's number has to be in order to complete the row or column or minigrid correctly. Remember, you must have 1-9.

    That's pretty much it. Pencil in possibilities and go slowly. Eventually you'll notice more tricks etc which will help.

    Good luck!

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    Sudoku's are rather simple, if you understand how to do them.

    You have to have each row have the numbers 1-9 without the same number twice.

    (Example: |1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9| )

    There are also boxes of 3x3 squares, which also must have 1-9, without the same numbers twice.




    |7|8|9| )

    And you must also have the numbers 1-9 going downwards, without no numbers repeating.










    |9| )

    A full Sudoku should have the numbers 1-9 in each row (across and down), and in each 3x3 square (There are 9 in all for the squares). They are quite tricky, but are incredibly fun. Enjoy, and I hope this helps, Good Luck and Enjoy. :)

    Source(s): I do Sudoku's in my spare time.
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    suduko is a great puzzle game with 9 parts and a big part.all you have to do is to put numbers on the lines so that every part have numbers without being repeated and every line too.

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