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Do you think truth becomes difficult to be assimilate in our mind ?

Oneday you will see the truth today you do not like to hear, you are arrogance and selfish because you follow your desires and nothing else.what wrong if people believe in one God? and believe in all holly books and all prophets, that is our destiny, you can not stop it, you want it or not , God has the power, everyone must think what wrong with us let us understand Islam after that you can talke and give verdict, be human and use your mentality of kindness and judgement with resposability.God bless all of us

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    You know nothing of truth...thats what faith is...Belief in something when all evidence points to the contrary....The evidence against God is overwhelming....thats why you still believe...the truth comes with facts...alot of which the bible doesn't have.

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    Truth is easy to assimilate in our minds because when we know the truth we are at peace with God, with ourselves and with all our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ who is our Lord and Savior of the whole world when we are living in the truth!

    Source(s): Holy Bible
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    Yes it is difficult for most because their minds are cluttered and are under the influence of the lawless one.

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