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Is it really possible for someone to tell if....?

Is it really possible for some people to be able to tell when someone is in the very early stages of pregnacy?

Example: I was at our christmas party at work and the press operator's wife came up to me and said "oh my you are just glowing you look so radiant, are you hidding something from everyone?" She gave me a smile like she knew something that I didn't even know and walked off.

I really don't know what to make of this because my husband and i have been trying to concieve, and I took a preg. test just the day before and it was negative. So according to the test I am not but this woman who doesn't even know me seems to think differently. My grandma knew when my mom was preg each time before my mom even knew. Is this really possible or just a wives tale sort of thing?

Serious answers only. Thanks.

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    Well, some people start to act differently and maybe it's a lucky guess. Unless you believe in the supernatural then no, it's not possible just by looking at someone. Maybe she just saw that you were glowing and that could've meant a number of things that you were "hiding." If you ever watch people, they "glow" when they find out good news of any sort. Or maybe you have just been very well rested, eating better, and your skin looks more radiant.

    Since you have been trying to conceive, I hope that's it. You never know! I took 6 pregnancy tests for 6 weeks in a row and all of them came out negative. I didn't have sex during this whole period so I was either pregnant or not. Turns out, on the 7th week I took one "just to make sure" and I was pregnant. In fact, when I went to the doctor, I was 10 weeks along. So you never know!!!

    I wish you the best!

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    I can only tell you from my experience that I knew each time my sister was pregnant before she even knew. I don't know how, but I just did. She just looked different to me.

    When I was pregnant my friends son asked me if I was pregnant. I answered NO of course, because I didn't think I was. Three weeks later I took a test and I was pregnant!

    I think from experience it is possible.

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    Yes, sometime I can see it too...

    And it is true that the face of some women is taking a sort of mask, changing, or kind of glowing: it comes from the hormonal change ...

    But I have wanted children too and as much as I wish you to be pregnant, be cautious, people do not always realise how hard it is when you have believed you were to realise later you are not.

    Keep for some time to your test, when you periods stop then take a second one...

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    I think that people may have a certain intuition about a person being pregnant but nothing concrete...My mother had a dream about fish a couple of months before I knew I was pregnant, so this may be a sign of something to come in the near future....good luck

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    no, I seriously don't believe that someone can tell by just the way you look. This press operator's wife, did she already know you were trying? You will feel different when you get pregnant. Your boobs will feel sore, you might feel nauseous, tired , hungry. I had a weird experience once. I dreamed that my boss found out she was pregnant. I told her about it and she just smiled. Later she told me that on that very day she found out that she was really pregnant!!!!!!! How weird it that!

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    My bf's mom was always said she had a dream that one of her children were pregnant before they even knew or told her and she was right, and my bf told me i was before i even knew i was. So it's no sure way but for some it works, how it works out for you.

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    Some people can just tell. My mom knew before I did with all of my pregnancies somehow. Its possible you just tested too early!!

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    Yes, I know exactly what you mean, I had went to my friends mom and dads one day and her dad asked me how far along I was, and I said youre crazy Im not pregnant and he said yes you are, and 2 weeks later I found out I was. He said you thought you were last month but you werent, and thats true and my husband and I never told anyone that. But to beat all he told me that we were going to have a girl and she was going to be born on his birthday and to my surprise he was right, we had a girl and she was born September 12th on his birthday. how creepy is that?

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    yes some people can tell ur pregnant,just by the way u act ,especially if ur acting more boyfriend tell me i was pregnant before i even knew....and i was really pregnant.

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    No it is not possible for her to know. She probably said that to every woman at the party as she poured herself another drink.

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