Administrative password problem....Help please.....?

My son was given this computer by his grandmother when she was ill with Cancer. It worked great..then he put a password for sign with his name so he could lock the computer. Now he can't add or delete programs, do updates, or use tools like defage because he dose not have the adminastative password. And unfortanatly his grandmother has passed we have no way of getting the password. I tried to wip out the computer by tring to up a new windows programs on the computer. But it said"Can't boot CD...error 5". He really needs this computer for school...can anyone tell me how to fix this problem. Thank you,


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    Put the OS cd in your drive and reset the PC, a Windows screen should come up to reinstall the OS, if not, on reboot hit f2 (On most BIOS) and you will access system setup/BIOS.. Go in there and change boot order to read from CDROM before Hard Drive. Save/Exit and continue to reinstall Windows..

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    He probably only password protected his account where he is an administrator, and not the Administrator account for the computer. If he changed the actual Administrator passwork what I am suggesting probaly won't work but is worth a try.

    You should be able to start the computer in the safe mode. (press the (F8) key on boot up) For user name type in Administrator and leave the password blank. Hit enter

    IF you get in (hope you do) go to the control panel and click on User Accounts and make your changes.

    Hope this works for you.

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    Not real sure,try system restore past the point he put a password in.Or you could go to user accounts in control panel and change administrater.Could cancel out his account that would get rid of the password he uses.A kid dont need passwords for a computer unless hes trying to hide something.There good if you have bank or other personal info in there,but a password is not fail safe.Try restore first,then delete his name in computer.You may get some better ideas,but those wont hurt anything while your waiting for one.Sorry.Just thought enter the system in his grasndmothers screen name if you know it.When in it you can remove his password and account.

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    go to u r nearest computer center for break the password.

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    There are programs available that may help

    What version of Windows are you using?

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